75 Threatening Jiang Xue

Liu Cheng, who was in Class 4, knew it was Jiang Xue’s first day at Zhuo Ying High School.
As soon as classes ended for the day, she ran to Jiang Xue’s class to see how she was doing.

Unlike Shen Xi, Jiang Xue did not possess good grades and relied on the Jiang family’s wealth to enter via the backdoor.
Because of this, Liu Cheng felt a sense of camaraderie with Jiang Xue and saw her as a potential friend.

More importantly, since Jiang Xue reclaimed her birthright, Xia Chun could not flaunt her daughter’s grades in front of Liu Cheng’s parents.
Whenever the topic of Jiang Xue’s grades was raised, Xia Chun would deflect the question and lead the conversation to other matters, causing Liu Cheng’s mother to swell with pride.
As a result, Liu Cheng did not receive the usual scolding she had grown accustomed to under Shen Xi’s shadow.
Her last summer vacation was the best she had had in years!

In short, Liu Cheng was very happy to have Jiang Xue by her side.
After being suppressed by Shen Xi for more than ten years, she finally saw a chance to stand out.
Her mother would not think to scold her so long as her grades were better than Jiang Xue’s in the next exam.
She might even receive praise for outdoing the eldest daughter of the Jiang family.

The more she thought about it, the more Jiang Xue seemed to glow in Liu Cheng’s mind.
Jiang Xue was her saviour, rescuing her from the ten years of hardship she had endured.

When Liu Cheng arrived outside Class 2, she saw the arrogant figure of Shen Xi hovering over Jiang Xue menacingly.

Liu Cheng immediately stepped in between Jiang Xue and Shen Xi; her arms spread wide in her benefactor’s defence.
“Shen Xi, what are you doing here? What are you trying to do to Jiang Xue? Do you think you’ll get away with bullying her?” She exercised caution as she spoke, not wanting to escalate the situation more than necessary.

Shen Xi quirked a delicate brow as she studied Liu Cheng, who had rushed to Jiang Xue’s aid from out of nowhere.

Liu Cheng was the mother hen to Jiang Xue’s baby chick act.

“Why can’t I be here? I’m a student in this class.
If I shouldn’t be here, then where should I be?” Shen Xi asked, her arms folded in an imposing manner.

Liu Cheng laughed.
“Your family is so poor.
How could you have the money to attend school here? Don’t tell me you forced your parents to sell their organs and house just to keep your reputation intact? Or… do you intend to prostitute yourself to the highest bidder to pay the school’s fees?”

Amused, Shen Xi glanced at Jiang Xue, her words dripping in sarcasm, “Sell my body, you say… I know of a certain someone who would know it.
Don’t you agree, Jiang Xue?”

Jiang Xue felt a shiver run down her spine, being the focus of Shen Xi’s snake-like, poisonous gaze.

Jiang Xue knew exactly what Shen Xi was talking about.
It was about when she was gang-raped in that hotel because she could not repay the amount she owed to those loan sharks.

Beads of perspiration formed on Jiang Xue’s forehead.
She could not let anyone know about that incident.
Otherwise, she would be finished.

Seeing this, Liu Cheng gently held Jiang Xue’s hand, comforting her, “Jiang Xue, you don’t have to be afraid of this scoundrel.
I’m here.”

Liu Cheng turned to Shen Xi, viciously ripping into her, “Why are you asking Jiang Xue something like that when you’re the one selling yourself? She is a respectable young lady of good standing.
Unlike you, she has a bottom line.
She’s not the one with filthy blood.
She would never sell herself or cheat others out of their money!”

Shen Xi remained unphased by Liu Cheng’s words.
Instead, Jiang Xue was the one to experience discomfort at Liu Cheng’s passionate declaration.

Shen Xi shot Liu Cheng and Jiang Xue a warning look as she said, “Jiang Xue, are you sure you want Liu Cheng to continue? It won’t be good for you if she manages to upset me.
Why… I might just accidentally let something slip.”

No matter how dumb Liu Cheng was, she was not so dumb as not to recognise a threat when she saw one.
Did Shen Xi have something on Jiang Xue?

The mere thought infuriated her.
How dare some poor scoundrel from the boonies threaten someone as pure and innocent as Jiang Xue? Rolling up her sleeves, she was about to take matters into her own hands when Jiang Xue stopped her.

“Cheng Cheng, forget it.
Let’s not argue with someone like her.
Let’s go,” she said, trying her best to steer Liu Cheng away gently.

Su Ni suddenly interjected, “Shen Xi, are you from a family of scavengers? I saw you riding on a broken tricycle to school this morning with your parents.
Has your mother been pretending to be a lady when she is, in reality, a typical village woman?”

A smile tugged at the corner of Shen Xi’s lips.
“Are you asking about the woman who attended the parent-teacher meeting in our second year?”

Su Ni nodded.

A soft sigh escaped her lips.
Helpless, she said, “That’s something you’ll need to ask Jiang Xue about.
Jiang Xue, is the woman who attended the parent-teacher meeting the unpresentable village woman you mentioned?”

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