74 Becoming Classmates

When Jiang Xue saw Shen Xi, she was stunned.
Didn’t Shen Xi transfer schools? Why was she here?

Shen Xi looked at Jiang Xue’s shocked expression and smiled provocatively.

“You may return to your seat.
Class is about to start,” Sun Ling said to Shen Xi, a soft smile tugging at her lips.

“Okay, Teacher Sun,” Shen Xi answered, obedient to a fault.

Shen Xi made her way to Zhao Yuan’s side.
She greeted Zhao Yuan and sat down.

Zhao Yuan immediately whispered to Shen Xi, “Do you know that person called Jiang Xue? She said your mother is a village woman who holes herself at home and had no other skill.”

When Shen Xi heard Zhao Yuan’s words, her eyes flashed darkly.
She smiled and said, “Of course, I know her.”

Shen Xi was not bothered by Jiang Xue’s offhand comment that Lu Shan was a village woman.
She had never discriminated against those from the countryside.
Everyone’s life was different.

She took issue with Jiang Xue saying her mother holed herself up at home because she had no other skills.

Guan Lei, who had fallen asleep, raised his head curiously when he heard the name ‘Shen Xi.’ It was the Shen Xi that he had met at the amusement park the other day.

Guan Lei did not expect Shen Xi to return to Zhuo Ying High School.
Didn’t they say that Shen Xi’s biological parents were very poor? How did they manage to fork out 800,000 yuan to send Shen Xi to Zhuo Ying High School and continue her studies?

It seemed that Shen Xi’s parents had something in reserve.
Xue Li clearly had not done her job properly, so her salary for this month would need deducting.

Nevertheless, Guan Lei was very happy with this turn of events.
He must have struck the jackpot for his chosen ally to be in the same class as him.
Heaven’s favour smiled on him.
With Shen Xi by his side, he could toy with Xiang Cheng as much as he wanted.

As if feeling his gaze, Shen Xi’s attention shifted to Guan Lei, who was next to Jiang Xue.
He was an unfamiliar face.
Had he transferred as she did?

The way this new classmate of hers was looking at her seemed a little strange.
Was there something wrong with her? Why was he staring at her like that?

Glaring at Guan Lei with pursed lips, Shen Xi broke eye contact, focusing the entirety of her attention on the lesson.

Shen Xi’s glare caught Guan Lei by surprise, but that quickly transformed into a smile.
As expected of the ally he had chosen, not even he was spared her temper.
It took guts for anyone to look at him that way.

After class, Jiang Xue sent a message to Shen Xi asking, “Why are you here?”

Shen Xi read the message, quirking an eyebrow as she spoke to Jiang Xue.
“Student Jiang, we’re all students of the same class.
There’s no need to message me so discreetly.
If there’s something you’d like to say or ask, please speak to me directly.
It’s not like you have anything to hide now, do you?”

Since Jiang Xue dared to cast Lu Shan in a bad light, she would do the same.

Jiang Xue had the rug pulled from under her.
She did not expect Shen Xi to broadcast their conversation for the whole class to hear.
It almost instantly embarrassed her.

Jiang Xue had wanted to keep their relationship under wraps.
No need for anyone to draw the wrong conclusions by associating them or the mistake she made.
The fewer people who knew, the better.

In that way, she could preserve her image as the well-educated young miss of the Jiang family, while Shen Xi could be the rabid girl from the countryside.
After all, her status was much higher than Shen Xi.

In Jiang Lun’s introduction of her to the family, he had kept things short, vaguely hinting at things but not laying down the specifics.
He did not explain who or what kind of family she had been raised in for 18 years, even less about anything to do with the Shen family.

The only reason Liu Cheng knew about the Shen family was that she had accidentally overheard a conversation between Jiang Xue and Xiang Cheng.

This was her chance to rebrand herself.
No one knew her as Shen Xue, the poor waif raised by two clowns for parents.
If anyone learned about the broken tricycle, everything she had built up would crumble before she could even make a name for herself.

Therefore, Jiang Xue was extremely nervous at the moment.
She was afraid that Shen Xi would spill the beans.

Jiang Xue thought she would never see Shen Xi again now that she had returned to her birth parents.
Being the Jiang family’s eldest daughter, she lived in a separate world from people like Shen Xi and the Shen couple, and their paths were never meant to cross.

Yet, contrary to her belief, she bumped into Shen Xi at the Six Arts Workshop and then now in school.
They were even classmates! Why.
Why was it that wherever she went, Shen Xi would be there to haunt her?!

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