72 The Low-key Shen Xi

Once the class meeting ended, many people gathered around Jiang Xue and asked, “Does your family really own that Rongwan Amusement Park?”

Jiang Xue puffed out her chest and said proudly, “Of course.
Why would I lie?”

Jiang Xue loved the adoration being showered upon her; it made her feel like she was the centre of the universe, the lone flower admired by all.

Then, Jiang Xue thought of Shen Xi and asked, “Aren’t you curious about me and Shen Xi?”

Her classmates shared confused looks.
“Who is Shen Xi?” One of them asked.
“There’s a Jiang Xi in our class, but it doesn’t look like she’s here today.”

Jiang Xue feigned surprise.
“Don’t you know that Jiang Xi has changed her name to Shen Xi?”

Su Ni, the loudspeaker, came over in surprise.
“What? When did Jiang Xi change her name to Shen Xi? Why was I not informed?”

Jiang Xue regarded her new classmates in puzzlement.
What was going on? As the previously thought daughter of the President of Kunlun Construction, shouldn’t Shen Xi be a famous figure in school?

She even took the trouble of introducing herself, emphasising her status as the actual eldest daughter of the President of Kunlun Construction.
Normal people would be suspicious of her claim and wonder how she was related to Shen Xi.
Once she proved that she was the real daughter of the President of Kunlun Construction, everyone would know Shen Xi was a fake.

How was it possible that they did not draw the dots?

There was only one possibility: these people did not know that Shen Xi was the eldest daughter of Kunlun construction.

“Don’t you know anything about Shen Xi’s family?” Jiang Xue asked, somewhat exasperatedly.

Su Ni frowned.
“I don’t know.
I only know that her mother seems quite noble.
I met her once during a parent-teacher conference, but that’s it.
I do not know what her family does for a living.”

“Hey, Zhao Yuan, aren’t you close to Jiang Xi? Do you know what her parents do for a living?”

Zhao Yuan looked up at Jiang Xue and Su Ni and replied rather unhappily, “I don’t know.
What does it have to do with you guys? You’re too free if your fishing for gossip.”

Su Ni sneered at Zhao Yuan as she whispered to Jiang Xue, “Zhao Yuan has a good relationship with Jiang Xi.
No one else will be any better if she says she doesn’t know.”

A noble mother? Jiang Xue sneered in her heart.
That was her mother, not Shen Xi’s mother.

Shen Xi’s mother was that village woman who bragged that she was a straight-A student but could not find a normal job.

So what if Lu Shan was good-looking? She was still a village woman in shabby clothes, a running joke wherever she went.

Lu Shan could not compare to her mother, an impressive noblewoman; the difference between them was like heaven and earth.
Jiang Xue’s mother was a lofty cloud drifting in the sky, pure, unsullied, and unattainable, whereas Shen Xi’s mother was the mud beneath her feet whose only use was to be trampled upon by her betters.

It seemed that Shen Xi’s classmates did not know of her previous status as the eldest daughter of the Jiang family.
Such a coincidence was simply inconceivable in Jiang Xue’s mind.

There was no way in her mind that Shen Xi would not flaunt her background.
Perhaps it was because Shen Xi already knew she was not the real daughter of the Jiang family; therefore, she was too ashamed to admit it to her peers.
Yet, despite her knowledge, she chose to remain silent so she could enjoy the benefits of living the life of the rich.

Yes, that had to be it.
Shen Xi was a greedy woman who coveted wealth.
The conclusion she arrived at fanned Jiang Xue’s hatred for Shen Xi.

Putting on a slight frown while covering her mouth as if she was going to spill a secret, she said, “A noble lady? You must have been mistaken.
I heard Shen Xi’s mother is a village woman who holes up at home all day.” Although she looked like she was trying to keep it a secret, it was plain to everyone present that she meant for them to hear her.

Jiang Xue’s words caused a flurry of whispers around her.
Most of them still did not believe that Shen Xi’s mother was some backwater village woman.

They may not have known Shen Xi’s background, but from her clothes, they gathered her family was not short on money.

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