71 Transfer Student

There were 15 classes in their third year at Zhuo Ying High School.
Classes were arranged according to a student’s results, with numbers one to three accommodating the crème-de-la-crème, the brightest minds the school had to offer.

So it was not surprising that Sun Ling was notably dissatisfied with the two new transfer students.
One was the son of the school board’s chairman, while the other was a student whose parents had all but thrown money at the school to admit their child.
Who knew whether either of them was any good, or would they be extra baggage weighing down the class average?

When she looked at the bigger picture, Sun Ling could not help but thank her lucky stars.
Back then, she had spoken to Shen Xi’s biological parents and asked them to allow Shen Xi to remain.

At the start, Shen Xi’s grades were not particularly noteworthy, but as she got used to her new environment, her results slowly climbed, soon rivalling students of the top three classes.
But it did not stop there.
At the end of the last semester, Shen Xi outstripped her peers, becoming the top of her cohort.
It was an astounding feat that greatly surprised many.

Since then, the form teacher of class one had lobbied relentlessly for the Head of Year to transfer Shen Xi to her class, citing that the top 45 students were supposed to be under her tutelage.
Fortunately, Shen Xi was unwilling to accept the transfer, giving Sun Ling hope for class two.

Sun Ling despised the teacher of class one for suppressing her for so long.
With Shen Xi, she stood a chance to turn the tables on her fellow teacher and rival.

Sun Ling eyed the two students before her and sighed.
She prayed to her lucky stars that she would not be receiving students with poor grades, but more so, students who were unwilling to put in the effort to study.

“Quiet down, please.
I have an announcement to make.
As you can see, we have two new students joining us.” Sun Ling gestured at Guan Lei and Jiang Xue and said, “Alright, you two.
Please introduce yourselves.
Who would like to go first?”

“Teacher, I’ll go first!” Jiang Xue declared proudly.

After more than a month of training, Jiang Xue felt that she was no longer the poor little mouse from before.
She held herself with confidence and poise, befitting a young lady from a rich family.

Before Sun Ling could react, Jiang Xue introduced herself, “Hello, everyone.
My name is Jiang Xue.
I’m the only daughter of the President of Kunlun Construction.
My family owns the most extravagant Rongwan Amusement Park.
I welcome anyone who would like to enjoy themselves to go with me.
We may only be together for a year, but I hope we can all be good friends.”

Jiang Xue was extremely satisfied with her self-introduction.
This class was the class that Shen Xi had stayed in before.
It was why she had introduced herself the way she did.

Not only did Jiang Xue want to let her classmates know that she was the real Miss Jiang, but also to plant the notion that Shen Xi was nothing more than a fake.

Jiang Xue’s self-introduction piqued Guan Lei’s interest.
He recalled asking Xue Li to investigate Shen Xi; the results were astonishing.

This unflattering girl stuffing her status down the throats of his new classmates was the woman Shen Xi had hugged.
Obviously, there must have been some mistake, and disdain coloured his expression.

Unlike her students, Sun Ling was privy to more information than most.
She knew that Shen Xi was supposed to be the young miss of Kunlun Construction, but since she usually kept a low profile, none of her classmates knew her background.

As the form teacher, Sun Ling had only been informed of Guan Lei’s identity as the son of the chairman of the school’s board of directors.
No information about Jiang Xue’s family background was provided.
Now she knew why.

The class erupted in gasps of amazement.
To think someone so important would be joining their class! Although most Zhuo Ying High School students came from decent family backgrounds, very few could claim to be equal or superior to the Jiang family’s standing.
After all, Kunlun Construction was a top-ranked enterprise in Rongcheng.

Sun Ling took the lead in applauding and welcoming Jiang Xue.
She sighed in her heart.
Compared to Shen Xi, this little girl was still too vain.
Thankfully, that was none of her concern.
Sun Ling turned to Guan Lei and said, “How about yourself?”

Guan Lei merely swept his gaze across the class, speaking with what could only be regarded as cold indifference, and said, “My name is Guan Lei.”

The class waited with baited breaths, wondering what else he would say, but Guan Lei held his peace.

The silence stretched, and even Sun Ling began to feel uncomfortable, so she quickly smoothed things over and carried on, “Student Guan is still new, so he’s probably a little shy.
Everyone, please take care of each other.”

Guan Lei probably was not going to be an easy person to get along with, or so the students thought.

Jiang Xue glanced at Sun Ling in dissatisfaction.
Sun Ling did not ask the students to take care of her when she introduced herself.
She felt jealous and uncomfortable.
She was the only daughter of the President of Kunlun Construction, yet she was unfortunate enough to be stuck with a teacher with no eyes.
It was terrible.

As Guan Lei and Jiang Xue were new, Sun Ling arranged for them to sit together.
Afterwards, she used the morning reading time to host the first class meeting of the new semester.

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