70 Parents Send Shen Xi to School

After packing her luggage, Shen Yan picked up her phone and said, “I’ll call a car for you and send you to school.
Mom and Dad won’t accompany you.”

Shen Xi was puzzled and asked, “Dad, are you going out?”

Shen Yan said uncomfortably, “No, it’s mainly because that school is so high-end.
Mom and Dad are afraid of embarrassing you if we go.”

It wasn’t that Shen Yan and Lu Shan had never sent Jiang Xue to school before, but every time, they were scolded by Jiang Xue while crying.
She blamed them for sending her to school on a shabby tricycle, which made her lose face.

Jiang Xue even despised the two of them for dressing shabbily, telling them not to embarrass themselves at her school again.

Therefore, Shen Yan didn’t dare to send Jiang Xue to school anymore.
Every Sunday, he would send Jiang Xue to school by a car.

When the second year of high school started, there was a parent-teacher event.
Shen Yan and Lu Shan couldn’t help but go to Jiang Xue’s school.
They felt that if everyone’s parents came, only Jiang Xue’s parents wouldn’t come, Jiang Xue would be disappointed.

In order not to embarrass Jiang Xue, they specifically bought nice clothes and rented a car that looked very high-end, but the brand couldn’t be seen.
Even so, Jiang Xue was still unhappy.

Even when they were taking a group photo together, Jiang Xue’s face was full of unwillingness.
Fortunately, she didn’t say anything unpleasant, so Shen Yan and his wife were much more relaxed.
Jiang Xue must have thought that their performance that time was pretty good.

Jiang Xue cared about the dignity of her parents even at that sort of school.
Moreover, Shen Xi was now in an international high school.
The students there would definitely be richer.
If they sent Shen Xi to school, Shen Xi would definitely be laughed at.

When Shen Xi heard Shen Yan’s words, she understoodthat Jiang Xue was vain and didn’t know that Shen Yan and the others were actually very rich.
She just felt that her parents were poor, so she didn’t let Shen Yan send her to school.

Shen Xi pretended to be angry and said, “What do you mean by losing face? I want my parents to send me too.
I want them to envy me for having such good-looking parents.
My father is a handsome man, and my mother is a beautiful woman.”

When Shen Xi said this, there was even a hint of pride in her tone.

Shen Yan and Lu Shan looked at each other and felt warm in their hearts.
This kind of satisfaction of being accepted wholeheartedly by their daughter was something they had never experienced before.

Seeing that Shen Yan still didn’t move, Shen Xi sat on Shen Yan’s shabby electric tricycle.
She urged anxiously, “Dad, hurry up and send me to school.
Otherwise, I’ll be late for the first class later.
Mom, you should come too.”

Although Shen Xi told the homeroom teacher that she might be late because she still had to go to the dormitory to settle her luggage, it was still better not to miss the first class in the morning.

Shen Yan and his wife were overjoyed.
After putting Shen Xi’s luggage on the tricycle, the family set off for Zhuo Ying High School.

Seeing her parents by her side, Shen Xi felt extremely happy.

When she was at the Jiang family’s house, Jiang Lun had never sent her to school.
He had never even attended a parent-teacher meeting.
Most of the time, the chauffeur would take Shen Xi to school and back home.

Shen Xi had once thought that Jiang Lun was unwilling to attend her parent-teacher meeting because she wasn’t good enough in her studies.
At that time, she had worked hard in her studies, hoping that one day Jiang Lun would proudly appear at her parent-teacher meeting.

But Shen Xi was wrong.
He didn’t love her.
Jiang Lun never really cared about her.

In the past, when Shen Xi was young, Xia Chun would go to Shen Xi’s parent-teacher conference.
Later, when she was older, Xia Chun rarely went.
In high school, she only came once, but it was only for a short while, and she went back very quickly.

Therefore, at every parent-teacher conference, Shen Xi would directly tell her class teacher that her parents were out on business and couldn’t make it back in time.

Shen Xi looked at Shen Yan and Lu Shan, who were riding toward the rising sun.
The empty space in her heart was filled up by her parents in front of her.

At this time, in Zhuo Ying Middle School’s grade 12’s Class 2, the teacher, Sun Ling, was bringing two freshmen into the classroom.


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