69 Parents Can’t Defeat Their Children

Lu De smiled widely and said happily, “If that’s the case, make some preparations and set a time.
Before Old Master Shen notices, we’ll secretly bring back the young misses of Lu Corporation.”

Zhao Hui contacted Lu Shan and said that Lu Shan had violated the agreement.
According to the rules, she had to bring Lu Shan and Shen Xi back to the Lu Corporation.

Lu Shan argued.
The agreement said that Lu Shan and Shen Yan weren’t allowed to use their previous assets to make a living.
However, the person selling the jewelry this time was Shen Xi.
The money from the sale wasn’t used on them.
Instead, it was used on Shen Xi, therefore, it wasn’t considered a breach of the agreement.

After Zhao Hui returned, she brought the group’s lawyer and carefully took out the paper documents from the agreement.
She also felt that what Lu Shan said was reasonable.
However, it was also reasonable to insist that Lu Shan and the others had broken the rules.

Zhao Hui had no choice but to ask Lu De, “Chairman, how do you think we should decide this matter?”

Lu De pondered for a long time, only then did he helplessly sigh and say, “At that time, I thought that Shan Shan was used to living a rich and noble life.
She would at most be able to live a poor life for less than half a year before she would return dejectedly.
I didn’t expect that in the blink of an eye, eighteen years had passed.”

Lu De lowered his head to hide his slightly reddened eyes, and suddenly, his shoulders drooped dejectedly.
He sighed deeply and said, “Sigh, what’s the point of winning or losing the agreement now? We still missed out on the past ten years or so.
As parents, we still lost in the end.
This time, I’ll let it go, but…”

Lu De’s dejected mood suddenly improved.
“Xi Xi must stay at the Lu family.
That’s our family’s child, so she can’t stay at the Shen family.
Go find someone to make a plan, and the theme will be ‘how to win the favor of your granddaughter. ’”

Zhao Hui nodded and gave the order.

After the lawyer at the side left, Zhao Hui talked about the three air-conditioners that had been returned.
“Today, the young lady came to the mall and said that she wanted to return the goods.
The salesperson didn’t know how to deal with it, so they reported it.
Chairman, how do you think this matter should be dealt with?”

Lu De took a sip of tea.
He was helpless and a little angry, “Shanshan and the others are still concerned about the outcome of the agreement.
If they want to return it, so be it.
Didn’t you say that Xi Xi has transferred back to Zhuo Ying High School? At that time, it won’t be hot for Xi Xi if she stays at school.
Let those two stubborn donkeys suffer the heat on their own.
More than ten years have passed.
One or two years won’t be any different.”

On the other side, Shen Xi, who had received the refund, was happily enjoying the ice-cold watermelon in the summer.
Her state of mind was much more relaxed.

During the summer vacation, Shen Xi did her part-time job happily and soon welcomed the start of school.

Zhuo Ying Middle School required all students to live on campus.
Shen Xi’s dormitory had already been arranged when she was in her first year of high school, but because Shen Xi transferred halfway and went back, the dormitory was arranged to another room.

Some daily necessities had to be purchased again.
Fortunately, it was summer now, so there was no need to bring any bedding over.
There was only a small mat for one person, a thin quilt, and some toiletries.

Lu Shan wiped away her tears as she helped Shen Xi pack up her things and said, “You just came back, but you’re going to live at school again.
Mommy hasn’t gotten enough of Xi Xi yet.”

Shen Xi looked at her mother who was crying so hard that she couldn’t control herself, and she still felt helpless.
However, after spending time with her, Shen Xi began to get used to her mother’s habit of crying.
She might have been spoiled, so she was a little more delicate.

Shen Yan comforted her, “Baby, don’t cry.
Xi Xi is going to school, but she has to go home on weekends.
You can see her every week.”

On the other side, Lu Shan also nodded and continued to pack Shen Xi’s things.

Shen Xi felt sad.
She had just reached adulthood.
She didn’t want to watch others show off their love for each other every day.

“Come, Xi Xi.
This is a new school gift from us.” Lu Shan took out a panda-shaped doll that was about the size of a palm.

It was probably made by Shen Yan and Lu Shan themselves.
The stitches were a little crooked, but Shen Xi didn’t mind.

Shen Xi happily took it and hung it on her school bag.

Shen Yan and Lu Shan were also happy that Shen Xi accepted the dolls they had made.

They had missed Shen Xi’s 18 years, from infancy to childhood to adolescence, so they could only try to make up for it.

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