Guan, the transfer procedures have been completed.”

Guan Lei replied indifferently before standing up.
Xue Li nodded at the vice principal and said, “Then in the future, Young Master Guan will have to rely on your school to take care of him.”

The vice principal nodded ingratiatingly and said, “Of course.”

Watching Guan Lei’s back as he left, the vice principal straightened his back and let out a long sigh.
The Young Master of the School Board’s Chairman had come to study, so he had to take care of him.

Shen Xi looked at the message saying that her friend request had been accepted.
The mysterious employer’s profile picture was black, and there was nothing on it.
His nickname was “Shi San.” It seemed that he was a child surnamed Shi.

Shen Xi opened Shi San’s Wechat moments, but the result was blank.
There was nothing.

Alright, Shen Xi wanted to see if this mysterious employer had any photos.
Now, it seemed that he was a very low-key child.
She didn’t expect that Li Si, who was 20 years old, would actually have a long-time friend at his age.

However, Shen Xi was only curious.
In the following days, she would send some drawing training drawings to that person every day and then collect money.
The two of them didn’t have any other interactions.

When Shen Xi first collected the money, she mischievously sent a few emojis and expressed her gratitude, but the other party didn’t reply once.
He was very cold and aloof.
Later, Shen Xi simply stopped sending them,

During this period of time, under the urging of her parents, Shen Xi exchanged the jewelry for money.
After all, it was already the important period of the third year of high school.
If she couldn’t transfer schools, then she shouldn’t transfer schools.

After receiving the money, Shen Xi stared blankly at the balance in her bank account.
A single set of jade jewelry had been sold for 1.5 million yuan.
When she remembered that there was still so much in the big box at home, Shen Xi instantly lost her composure.

When Zhao Hui found out that someone had sold the chairman’s jewelry with a tracking number, she immediately went to the jewelry store to look at the records.
When she found out that Shen Xi had sold the jewelry, she immediately notified Lu De.

“Chairman, the youngest madam sold the young madam’s jewelry.” Zhao Hui placed the information of the set of jade jewelry and a copy of the surveillance footage on Lu De’s desk.

Lu De, who was originally sleepy, suddenly became interested.
He looked at his granddaughter in the surveillance footage and asked Zhao Hui, “Was it my precious granddaughter again?”

Zhao Hui smiled and nodded.

“Do you think this counts? Did Shanshan break the agreement?” Lu De put down the information in his hand and asked.

Zhao Hui thought for a moment.
“It should count, chairman.”

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