66 Agreement From 20 Years Ago

Shen Xi looked around the house and comforted her parents, “Besides, our house is so empty.
It doesn’t look like we came from a rich family.
“Dad, Mom, I really don’t disdain our family’s financial situation.
Working won’t be tiring.
You really don’t have to make up such a lie to make me happy.
As long as our family can be together, it’s my greatest happiness.”

Shen Xi’s words moved Shen Yan and his wife.
But after that, they looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders helplessly.
They sighed deeply.
Sure enough, Shen Xi didn’t believe their words at all.

Lu Shan held Shen Xi’s hand and said patiently, “Xi Xi, I know that it’s normal for you to be unable to accept such a fact.
But, we really didn’t lie to you.”

“Xi Xi, what we said is true.
Back then, there was some conflict between the Lu family and the Shen family, so we were opposed by the two families when we fell in love.
You know Romeo and Juliet, right? We’re probably in this situation!” Shen Yan said.

Shen Xi was dumbfounded.
How did this involve Romeo and Juliet? Were her parents telling her a bedtime story?

Hearing her husband talk about the romantic past, Lu Shan’s expression softened a lot.
She looked at Shen Yan with eyes full of affection, and even her voice sounded a little affectionate.
“Yes, at that time, your grandfathers were extremely opposed to it, so your father and I eloped.”

Lu Shan and Shen Yan’s eyes were affectionate.
It seemed like they weren’t lying.

Shen Xi finally couldn’t hold back her fake smile.
Could it be true?

Shen Yan held his wife’s hand.
His doting eyes were filled with some grief as he continued, “But later, we were all captured.
Your mother went on a hunger strike and entered the hospital.
When I sneaked out to see your mother, she was already on the verge of death.
So, I thought of dying together with your mother and slit my wrists.
In the end, your grandfathers also allowed us to run away from home.”

Lu Shanhui held Shen Yan’s hand and said, “I’m fine now.
It’s all in the past.”

Even after so many years, Shen Yan still couldn’t forget the pain of the world collapsing at that time.

“Later on, we made an agreement with the parents of the two families.
As long as the two of us no longer use the name of the family outside, not appear anywhere under the family banner, not use any products under the family banner, or even use abilities we gained by virtue of our family to make money, they will recognize our love after 20 years,” said Shen Yan.

Shen Yan’s eyes turned to Lu Shan.
He continued, “But if we fail, then we will obediently go home and listen to their arrangements.
That’s why we have been living so poorly all these years.
Your mother can’t use her paintings to exchange for money.
I can’t use the knowledge I learned in the past to make money.
We can only do some manual work.”

Shen Xi suddenly remembered that night when his parents were unwilling to enter the Wanlu shopping mall.
She probed, “So that Wanlu shopping mall?”

Lu Shan nodded affirmatively and said, “That Wanlu shopping mall is a shopping mall under the Lu family.
It’s not just this shopping mall.
There are many other shopping malls as well.
In order to make the two of us bow our heads, both the Shen and Lu family have been developing wantonly over the years.
They have acquired all kinds of electrical brands, shopping malls, and daily necessity companies.
Even your father’s electric car brand has been infiltrated by them.”

Shen Xi clicked her tongue.
Did her grandfathers have to be so ruthless? It was no wonder that the three-wheeled electric car that Shen Yan used was assembled.
Even the batteries inside had no discernible brand.
So that was the reason.

It was no wonder that her family was so poor that they couldn’t even afford the most basic electrical appliances.
It was no wonder that her parents could only work part-time and didn’t have a formal job.

“So, did you return the air-conditioners?” Shen Xi suddenly remembered the three air-conditioners that she bought.

“Yes, they came to install it today, but your father returned it,” Lu Shan said.

Shen Xi thought that it seemed that she had to find a time to get the money back, otherwise she would lose more than 10,000 yuan.

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