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The truth? What truth? Shen Xi thought that her parents might be thieves yesterday.
Could it be that there was an even more thrilling thing waiting for her today?

Thinking of this, Shen Xi felt a headache coming.

Shen Yan looked at Shen Xi and asked, “Do you know the four major financial groups in Jing City?”

Shen Xi nodded in confusion.
She had heard of the four major financial groups in Jing City.
They were the Guan family, the Shen family, the Lin family, and the Lu family.
However, what kind of relationship could such a top-tier financial group have with their family? Could it be that their parents had provoked a financial group?

Shen Xi was deeply worried.
It was already very difficult for their family to deal with the Jiang family alone.
If they were to go up against a top-tier financial group, wouldn’t they be destroyed in an instant?

Even families like the Jiang family and the Xiang family wouldn’t be able to withstand a top-tier financial group, not to mention that their family had no power or influence.

Just as Shen Xi was planning to escape abroad, Shen Yanyu said shockingly, “I am the only son of the Shen Financial Group, Shen Yan.
Your mother is the only daughter of the Lu Financial Group, Lu Shan.”

Shen Xi felt that she might be dreaming, so she quickly closed her eyes.
After a while, she suddenly opened her eyes again, but she still saw her parents’ serious faces.

It wasn’t a dream.
Her parents must be having a fever.
They must be talking nonsense!

Shen Xi went forward and touched her parents’ foreheads with her hands.
Then, she touched her own foreheads.
The temperature was normal!

Shen Yan knew that Shen Xi didn’t believe her, so she frowned and said, “Your mother and I are both normal.
We don’t have a fever, and we’re not talking nonsense.
You’re not dreaming now.”

Shen Xi pulled a smile and said, “Father and mother, don’t joke with me anymore.
I know that my family is poor, but I don’t care at all.
Maybe you think that I went out to work and suffered, so you want me to be happy.
You want me to imagine that I’m some rich heiress.”

Shen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and continued, “But, can’t you say something reliable? For example, we are the descendants of the ancient noble families that have declined in the past, and our family has left behind some treasure map.
This way, I might be able to trust you guys more easily.
“The people of the Lu Group and the Shen Group are still in the world.
This isn’t something to joke about.”

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