64 Ledger

Shen Yan patted his wife’s head to comfort her.
After a while, both of them calmed down.

Lu Shan raised her head and said to Shen Yan, “It seems that there are some things that Xi Xi needs to know.
Now, it seems that even if we give the jewelry to Xi Xi to exchange for money, she wouldn’t dare to go.
If we don’t tell the truth, Xi Xi will continue to sacrifice herself for this family.
She will even delay her own future for us.”

Shen Yan nodded in agreement.
“That’s true.
“We can’t treat Xi Xi the same way we treated Xue’er.
“Xi Xi is a family person.
If we don’t let Xi Xi know the truth, she will really do her best to lighten our burden.”

The couple understood that according to Shen Xi’s personality, not only would she have a hard and tiring life, she would also suffer all kinds of grievances.
She would also disrupt their agreement with the two old men.
There was only a little more than a year left.
They couldn’t just step on the door, it would be too unfair if they still failed in the end.

The matter of Shen Xi earning tuition fees; the matter of Shen Xi transferring to another school; the matter of Shen Xi buying things for the family; the matter of Shen Xi thinking that they had committed a crime and had planned to save money to hire a lawyer for them had completely sobered the couple up.

They could do anything for love, but all of this couldn’t be built on the basis of delaying Shen Xi’s future development.
Otherwise, they would regret it for the rest of their lives.

When Lu De found out that Shen Yan had refused to accept the air-conditioner that he had prepared for his precious granddaughter, he was so angry that his beard twitched, “That b*stard.
The air-conditioner wasn’t bought for him.
What right does he have to return it on his own accord? Secretary Zhao, bring my golf club over.
I’m going to beat this b*stard to death.
He actually let my precious granddaughter get so hot that she came to buy the air-conditioner herself.”

“Chairman, you must be patient.
You can’t be so emotional.
Otherwise, your body won’t be able to take it,” Zhao Hui persuaded as she helped Lu De soothe his anger.

Only then did Lu De slowly catch his breath.

On the other side, Shen Xi, who had just finished her class, handed over a few basic training drawings that she had drawn to Li Si.

Guan Lei, who had received the photos, was quite satisfied.
He had heard from Li Si that this person’s skills weren’t bad.
He wanted her to imitate a drawing beginner, and she was actually able to imitate it well.

After Li Si received the payment from Guan Lei, she was overjoyed.
The big financier was truly extravagant.

“Send the original copies of those photos over.” Guan Lei sent a message over.

Li Si’s lackey replied, “Got it!”

When Shen Xi received the money from Li Si, she was especially happy.
Although this money was far from enough to go to Zhuo Ying High School, it was more than enough to go to Rong City High School.

After recording today’s deposit, Shen Xi went back happily.

The dinner was prepared by Lu Shan with Shen Yan’s company.
It was a simple two-course meal and a soup, but compared to before, Lu Shan’s culinary skills had improved greatly.

After the meal, Shen Xi asked in puzzlement, “Dad, didn’t anyone contact you today? I bought three air conditioners.
They would definitely come today to install them.”

Shen Yan and Lu Shan looked at each other and said, “Xi Xi, sit down first.
Your mother and I have something to tell you.”

Lu Shan pulled Shen Xi’s hand and thought of Shen Xi’s account book.
Her eyes couldn’t help but redden.

Shen Xi panicked.
“Mom, What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying all of a sudden? Are you being bullied?”

Lu Shan hugged Shen Xi, who was concerned about her, and said, “It’s nothing.
Mom just feels bad.
Just let me hug you for a while.”

“We accidentally saw your account book,” Shen Yan said to Shen Xi.

Shen Xi didn’t understand.
If they saw it, so be it.
It wasn’t a big deal, so why was she crying like this.

“Is it because the money on it isn’t much?” Shen Xi asked, puzzled.
“You don’t have to worry.
I have accepted another big order now.
As long as I finish it this time, I can even collect the tuition fees for the university.”

Shen Xi’s voice revealed anxiety.
Afraid that her parents would feel too guilty, she consoled them, “Moreover, the tuition fees for Rong City High School aren’t expensive.
You don’t have to worry about money.
I can settle this by myself.
It won’t be your burden at all.
Don’t be so sad.”

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