time, Shen Yan didn’t dare to give the gift to Shen Xi in front of her because the last time he gave it to Jiang Xue, Jiang Xue disliked it and threw it into the trash can in front of him.

There was even one time, he even heard Jiang Xue chatting with the neighbor’s daughter and ridiculing, “My parents are exactly the same as your parents.
My family is clearly very poor, yet my mother still said hypocritically that she would give me a big box of jewelry and gold bars.
It’s hilarious.
Also, my father gave me a bunch of keys.
He even said that they were keys to a big villa and a helicopter key.
I threw it into the trash can on the spot.”

“Then your parents are even better at bragging than my parents.
They’re too shameless,” said the neighbor’s daughter.

“Is that so? You think so too, right? If there really is such a big villa, would the three of us have been living in this crappy house with no air-conditioning for the past 18 years? Do they really treat me like a three-year-old child?” Jiang Xue’s tone was full of resentment and sarcasm.

Shen Yan was ready to be despised by his daughter again, but he still had some expectations in his heart.

Lu Shan held Shen Yan’s nervous face, which was wrinkled like a little old man, with both hands and said gently, “Xixi said that she likes your gift very much! She really does!”

Shen Yan’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Lu Shan looked at her husband with amusement and said, “Of course it’s true.”

Shen Yan happily kissed Lu Shan’s mouth, then hugged his wife and spun around in circles.

While Shen Yan was rejoicing in this room, Shen Xi was very depressed in her own room.

Shen Xi was very distressed now.
She repeatedly looked at the jewelry Lu Shan gave her.
She could be 100% sure that it was real.
There were even a lot of styles that were limited edition models that big brands had stopped producing, not to mention the heavy gold bars.

Coupled with Lu Shan’s unwilling appearance, Shen Xi was sure that the matter wasn’t small.

Shen Xi thought that either her parents really stole these things and didn’t dare to sell them, or her mother and father used to be very rich.
Then, they met some enemies and were taking refuge, so they didn’t dare to sell them.

If it was the second case, then she, Shen Xi, had a generous mother with a lot of jewelry and gold bars, and a rich father with all kinds of assets.
It was still a little incredible to think about it.

But if it was the first case, then Shen Xi already thought of the scene of her parents holding onto the iron window and crying.

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