Chapter 61: Days of Windfall

Exchange for money? Shen Xi looked at the big box of treasures in front of her in surprise.
She couldn’t speak for a long time.
These should be fake, right? When she was in the hospital, she didn’t see her parents take out these jewelry to sell for money.
Instead, they spent all their savings.
They even sold the electric fan.

“On Xue’er’s 18th birthday, I gave this box to Xue’er.
At that time, she was going to participate in summer camp, but the money wasn’t enough.
I said that there were jewelry inside that could be exchanged for money, but she didn’t believe me,” Lu Shan spoke of Jiang Xue, her expression was a little sad and awkward.

After all, she was a daughter who she had raised for eighteen years, so she still had some feelings.

Lu Shan held Shen Xi’s hand and sighed.
“Later on, she threw this box in the corner and didn’t open it once.
Now that I think about it, maybe it was God’s arrangement to leave it for you.”

Shen Xi naturally knew what was going on.
With Jiang Xue’s personality, she definitely didn’t think that there was anything good in this box.
After all, this family was poor.
They were so poor that they didn’t even have the most basic electrical appliances, so how could there be any expensive jewelry?

Not to mention Jiang Xue, even Shen Xi wouldn’t believe that these jewelry were real before she opened the big box.

However, it wasn’t as if Shen Xi hadn’t seen the world.
The jewelry in this big box was of very good quality.
It was even better than the jewelry that she had seen in the Jiang family.

The question now was, how could such a poor family have so many precious jewelry?

Shen Xi still reached out to touch the inside of the box a few times in disbelief.
She even found a gold bar under the box!

Shen Xi didn’t believe it and grabbed the gold bar to bite.
In the end, it really wasn’t that kind of chocolate with gold-plated wrapping paper.
It seemed to be real gold.

Shen Xi was scared silly.
She opened the top layer of the big box with trembling hands and was shocked by the gold bars under it.

Shen Xi’s feelings were extremely complicated.
She wondered if her parents had robbed the safe in the bank? Otherwise, how could there be so many jewelry and gold bars in such a shabby home? So what should she do now? Should she go to the police?

Moreover, Shen Xi was very puzzled.
Since there were so many jewelry, why was this family so poor and destitute?

So Shen Xi asked, “Where did these jewelry come from? And since there are so many jewelry and gold bars in the house, why are you still living such a hard life? Why didn’t you sell them when I was hit by the car?”

Lu Shan looked at Shen Xi with a troubled expression and said, “These were saved by your grandmother, grandfather, and mother when they were young.
Some of them were given to me by your father.
As for not selling them for money at that time, there was a reason…”

Lu Shan wanted to say something but hesitated.
In the end, she only said, “Anyway, when you’re 20 years old, we’ll tell you everything.”

Lu Shan’s unspeakable words made Shen Xi even more certain that there might be a problem with the origin of these jewelry, so her parents wouldn’t use them unless they were forced to.

“You can’t sell them, right? In that case, I’ll sell them now.
Is that okay?” Shen Xi asked.

Lu Shan thought for a moment, but in the end, she said firmly, “If your father and I sell it, there might be a problem, but if it’s you, it won’t be a big problem!”

Shen Xi was confused by her mother’s words.
What did she mean by saying that if her parents sold it, there would be a problem? If she sold it, there wouldn’t be a problem?

Lu Shan knew that Shen Xi should be full of doubts now, but she hadn’t decided whether she should tell Shen Xi the truth, so now she could only say vaguely, “Anyway, it’s no problem for you to sell it.
Don’t worry!”

Shen Xi could see that Lu Shan didn’t want to say it, so she couldn’t force her to ask further.
She could only agree, but she couldn’t let go of this.

“Oh, right, your father also has a gift for you.” Lu Shan immediately changed the topic, then picked up a plastic bag from under her feet and placed it in front of Shen Xi.

There’s more? Shen Xi felt her scalp go numb.
She actually had a feeling of sadness that her parents had finally been found, but they were going to jail.

Shen Xi looked at the crumpled bag in front of her.
It was a disposable transparent plastic bag used in supermarkets.
It was a big bag full of… keys?

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