Chapter 60: A Box of Treasures

After Li Si vented out her emotions, she said to Shen Xi, “Although you didn’t attend this class, don’t worry.
I will still give you the commission that we agreed on.”

After Shen Xi thanked him, Li Si remembered that he still had something to tell Shen Xi today.
He almost forgot about it after things being messed up by those people.

Li Si asked, “Xixi, I have a friend here who wants to buy a few of your paintings.
Do you think it’s okay?”

Shen Xi was a little surprised.
Although she was a little famous in the calligraphy and painting area, no one would come to buy paintings because of her fame, right?

Seeing Shen Xi’s surprised expression, Li Si slapped her thigh and said, “I didn’t say the whole thing.
It’s like this.
My friend doesn’t like calligraphy and painting class, but his family forced him to learn it.”

Li Si looked at Shen Xi and didn’t have any intention of objecting.
She continued, “However, his request is a little weird.
It’s just that these three months’ worth of paintings must be able to show signs of continuous improvement, from beginner to superb painting skills.
Moreover, he wants quite a lot of them every day.”

“But the price he offered is also high!” Li Si quickly added the most important sentence.

Shen Xi was puzzled, “Then we can just randomly find one of our students.
Don’t we have a batch of newbies right now? It’s just right!”

Li Si said with difficulty, “But, his side also requires that they must reach superb painting skills after three months.
I’m afraid that those students might not be able to master much after three months.
If we change the person in the middle of the process, it won’t work either.
The elders in my friend’s family will see that the paintings are different.
Therefore, I can only do it alone so that they won’t be able to see the difference.”

Shen Xi thought for a moment and said, “That’s fine.
Ask your friend to send the specific request over later.
I’ll accept it.”

After Shen Xi agreed, Li Si happily went to inform his good friend.

That night, Shen Yan brought Shen Xi home on time.

When Lu Shan saw her daughter and husband coming home, she immediately brought out the small wontons that she had spent the whole night wrapping.
Her face was still covered in soot.

“The two of you, try the supper that I made for you.” Lu Shan’s eyes were bright, like a puppy waiting for praise.
She looked extremely cute.

When Shen Yan heard that his wife was cooking, he took a step forward and held Lu Shan’s hand while carefully sizing her up.
“Are you hurt anywhere?”

Seeing that Lu Shan was fine, Shen Yan heaved a sigh of relief.
He pretended to be angry and said, “Why did you choose to cook when I’m not at home? What if something happens? Don’t do it again, understand?”

Lu Shan pouted and said, “I wanted to cook supper for you and our daughter.
And this time, I did it very successfully.”

Shen Yan used his index finger to scratch Lu Shan’s nose lovingly.
“Yes, yes.
My wife is the best.
But, you still have to promise me that next time, you can only cook when I’m by your side, understand?”

Lu Shan was very much like a 20-year-old girl.
She said shyly, “I understand, hubby.”

Shen Xi, who was at the side, indicated that she had seen enough PDA and didn’t need any supper.

After finishing supper, Shen Xi lay on the bed with the fan on.
In another day, the air conditioner should arrive, right?

When Lu Shan came in, she saw Shen Xi on the bed in a daze.
She asked in amusement, “Xixi, what are you thinking about?”

Shen Xi got up and sat on the bed.
She shook her head and said, “I’m not thinking about anything.
I’m just thinking about myself.”

Lu Shan placed a big box in front of Shen Xi and said, “I have a gift for you.
Open it and take a look.”

Shen Xi thought, today wasn’t a holiday.
Why would her mother give her a gift?

Shen Xi opened the big box and was almost blinded by the things inside.
There were all kinds of gemstones, emeralds, gold, glass marbles, gemstones… They were shining brightly and quietly lying inside the box.

Shen Xi asked in confusion, “This is?”

Lu Shan sighed lightly and said, “This was supposed to be a gift for your 20th birthday, but I discussed with your father and decided to give it to you in advance.
You can decide what to do with it.
I know that you are now a substitute in the institute, but you are only an 18-year-old girl.
I don’t want you to be too tired, so if you are tired, you can exchange these for money.”

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