Chapter 57: Bet

After Jiang Xue had done her psychological work, she returned to acting like the smiling and well-behaved young lady of the Jiang family.

In order not to let the Xiang family look down on her, Jiang Xue had been learning etiquette for the past half a month.
Even her smile was specifically learned.

“Xiang Cheng, today is my first day of class.
I’m very happy that you can come.
I was thinking that Grandpa Xiang has done a lot of research in painting and calligraphy, so when the time comes, can you tell Grandpa Xiang that I want to study at his place?” Jiang Xue asked Xiang Cheng softly as she sat in the VIP classroom.

Xiang Cheng gave a perfunctory “okay” and then looked down at his phone.

Jiang Xue could feel Xiang Cheng’s perfunctory response.
She was also very disappointed, but now that Xiang Cheng and she hadn’t officially established a relationship, she felt that it was better for her to bear with it.

“Shen Xi, why are you here?” Liu Chen asked Shen Xi, who was holding a book in his hand.

Xiang Cheng, who had his head lowered, also looked up at the classroom door.
The moment he saw Shen Xi, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up into a smile.

Jiang Xue asked Shen Xi in confusion, “Xixi, what are you doing here? This is a VIP class.
You should hurry up and leave.
This isn’t a place where you should be.”

Liu Chen’s face was full of contempt as she added sarcastically, “That’s right, Shen Xi.
Jiang Xue spent 350,000 yuan to come here to study.
If you have any sense of shame, you should leave quickly.
Otherwise, when the teacher comes in later, you will be kicked out like a dog.
That would be embarrassing yourself.”

“That’s right, Xixi.
Stop messing around.
No matter how willful you are, this isn’t a place for you to make a scene.
When the teacher sees you here later, he will be very unhappy.
In private, I will give in to you, but in other people’s places, they won’t give in to you,” said Jiang Xue helplessly.

Shen Xi smiled and pointed at Liu Cheng and Xiang Cheng as she asked Jiang Xue, “Then what about the two of them? Will the teacher not be happy that they are here?”

Liu Cheng raised her chin slightly and said arrogantly, “The two of us aren’t the same as you.
I am the young daughter of the Liu family, and Xiang Cheng is the young master of the Xiang Group.
The two of us are people that you can’t compare to.
In a place like this, a poor person like you just doesn’t deserve to come in.”

Shen Xi raised her eyebrows slightly.
“Is that so? Why don’t we make a bet and see if you and Xiang Cheng will be chased out later, or if I will be chased out later?”

Liu Chen stood up immediately as she said arrogantly, “Sure, let’s make a bet.
The loser will stand at the entrance of the art studio until Jiang Xue finishes her class, and then shout ‘welcome’ to every person who comes in.
What do you think?”

Shen Xi nodded with a smile.
He turned to look at Cheng and asked, “Xiang Cheng, do you want to bet?”

Xiang Cheng looked at Shen Xi’s expectant expression and actually nodded.
“Since you want to play, I’ll play with you.”

“That’s fine.
In order to prevent people from cheating, we’ll record a video as evidence.
How about it?” Liu Chen suggested.

Liu Chen thought that Shen Xi was now a nobody.
If they didn’t admit their loss, she wouldn’t be able to do anything to him, right? That was why they had to make sure that Shen Xi couldn’t deny it.

Shen Xi said straightforwardly, “Alright, I’ll do as you say.”

Jiang Xue watched as Shen Xi and the other two were recording the video.
She was also looking forward to watching Shen Xi’s good show.

The former Miss Jiang of the Jiang family greeting people at the door.
How embarrassing was that? Jiang Xue thought that she would record it and share it with others for them to enjoy.

After recording the video of the bet, Liu Chen looked at Shen Xi provocatively.
After a while, she could return the anger she had received to Shen Xi in one go.

“Since it has started, I’ll have to trouble Jiang Xue to call people.
Let’s see who will be kicked out in the end,” Shen Xi said to Jiang Xue with a warm smile.

Jiang Xue didn’t know where Shen Xi’s confidence came from.
At this moment, she was still smiling.

“Xixi, this is your request.
I hope that when you are punished later, you won’t blame anyone,” Jiang Xue said gently.

Jiang Xue called Li Si directly.
“Director Li, a stranger came to my class.
Can you bring someone to help me chase her out?”

When Jiang Xue was talking on the phone, she kept looking at Shen Xi.
She wanted to see Shen Xi running out in a panic.
However, even until she hung up the phone, Shen Xi’s expression didn’t change at all.
It was extremely boring.

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