Chapter 56: The Arrogant Little Wild Cat, Shen Xi

Hearing Xiang Cheng’s dirty words, Shen Xi’s expression turned cold.
“Since you can’t afford it, get out of my way.
Don’t embarrass yourself here, idiot.”

Hearing that Shen Xi dared to scold him, Xiang Cheng instantly became angry.
At that moment, the elevator door opened, and the scene inside was seen by Jiang Xue and Liu Chen outside the elevator.

Jiang Xue was unhappy when she saw Shen Xi and Xiang Cheng coming up together.
She said with a sad look, “Xixi, why did you come up with Xiang Cheng?”

Shen Xi said without looking, “I was unlucky.
I met a dog on the road and came up together.”

Xiang Cheng, who was already angry, was even more furious.
However, Jiang Xue and Liu Chen were still here.
Xiang Cheng couldn’t say anything and could only clench his fists and endure it.

Jiang Xue felt a little relieved when she saw how incompatible Shen Xi and Xiang Cheng were.

Shen Xi and Xiang Cheng had spent some time together before, so Jiang Xue was actually afraid that Xiang Cheng would be seduced by that vixen.

However, although Shen Xi and Xiang Cheng weren’t on good terms, Jiang Xue felt that she still needed to let Shen Xi know that Xiang Cheng was her man.
It was best for Shen Xi to be self-aware and stay away from Xiang Cheng.

Jiang Xue pulled Shen Xi, who was about to leave.
She lectured Shen Xi with a patronizing tone, “Xixi, let bygones be bygones.
I hope you can understand that you should stop dreaming about things that don’t belong to you.
Only then can you start over and live your life well.
Do you understand?”

Shen Xi naturally understood what Jiang Xue meant.
She was just afraid that she would seduce Xiang Cheng, this idiot.

Although Shen Xi wasn’t interested in Xiang Cheng at all, when she heard Jiang Xue’s insinuations, Shen Xi suddenly had a wicked idea.
She wanted to diss Jiang Xue.

Shen Xi looked at Xiang Cheng with her seductive eyes.
Xiang Cheng’s anger from earlier had been reduced by half.
Shen Xi could tame a lecherous person with just a glance.

When she saw Jiang Xue’s sudden change in expression, Shen Xi smiled and said sarcastically to Jiang Xue, “I heard that you and Xiang Cheng are still getting to know each other? Then you have to be careful.
Xiang Cheng just asked me if I want to be his lover.
Tsk, it seems that you still have to work hard.”

Jiang Xue was so angry that she clenched her fists.
Her long nails pierced her palms, causing her to feel pain.
She hadn’t settled the elders of the Xiang family yet, and now, Shen Xi was still trying to make things difficult for her.
She was extremely frustrated.

Liu Cheng, who was standing beside her, couldn’t stand it anymore.
She said in a hateful voice, “Shen Xi, don’t you have any sense of shame? You’re not a proper person, yet you want to slander others, as if they’re as dirty as you are?”

Then, Liu Cheng turned to Xiang Cheng and said, “Xiang Cheng, are you just going to let Shen Xi slander you so that Jiang Xue will misunderstand? Aren’t you going to explain yourself?”

Shen Xi also smiled and said, “That’s right, Xiang Cheng, are you going to explain yourself too?”

Xiang Cheng looked at Shen Xi unhappily, but for some reason, Xiang Cheng actually felt that Shen Xi was extremely charming.
She looked extremely cute.
Xiang Cheng wanted to indulge Shen Xi.

Xiang Cheng only wanted to grab the tsundere little wild cat-like Shen Xi onto the bed and spank her butt.
As for the rest, Xiang Cheng had no interest at all.

Moreover, Xiang Cheng thought that Shen Xi wasn’t lying.
He just wanted Shen Xi to be his lover.
Why did he have to explain?

As for Jiang Xue, there was still a long way to go.
Xiang Cheng didn’t think that he had any obligation to explain to Jiang Xue.

Liu Cheng didn’t expect Xiang Cheng to look at Shen Xi without saying a word or refuting.
She was also very angry.

Jiang Xue caught Xiang Cheng looking at Shen Xi with interest in his eyes.
Her heart skipped a beat.
She had a bad feeling about this.

Jiang Xue thought that she and Xiang Cheng hadn’t reached the level of having a real relationship yet.
She really didn’t have any right to force Xiang Cheng to explain to her, she could only smooth things over and say, “I think Xiang Cheng and Xixi only met by chance.
Xixi was just joking.
Cheng Chen, don’t worry too much.
I’m fine.”

“You’re fine, right? Then I’m leaving.” Shen Xi looked at the three people in front of her with contempt, then turned around and left.

Jiang Xue stared at Shen Xi’s back, wishing she could poke a hole in his back.

Jiang Xue comforted herself.
“Shen Xi won’t be happy for long.
As long as I fixe my hymen and has a real relationship with Xiang Cheng, everything will be set in stone.
When the time comes, she will let Shen Xi know that I, Jiang Xue, isn’t someone to be trifled with.”

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