Chapter 55: Billion

Shen Xi’s undisguised introduction made Shen Yan, a 1.8-meter-tall man, extremely moved.
He was heartbroken.
He really wanted to go home and cry to his wife.

However, in front of Shen Xi’s boss, Shen Yan still restrained his emotions and extended his hand to greet Li Si.

Li Si was also very happy to shake hands with Shen Yan and greet him.
At the same time, she sized up Shen Yan.
Shen Xi had good looks.
Although the man in front of him was dressed very cheaply, there was an air of nobility to him.
He was also extraordinarily handsome.

After Li Si went up first, Shen Yan realized that something was wrong.
“Xixi, what did you say just now? You said he’s your boss? Aren’t you here for class? Why is there a boss?”

Shen Xi secretly stuck out her tongue.
She had wanted to introduce her father properly just now, but she accidentally let it slip.

Shen Xi could only confess, “Dad, I didn’t lie to you on purpose.
I just wanted to work part-time so that I could lighten the burden.
I am indeed in class.
It’s just that I’m a teacher, not a student.”

Shen Xi carefully raised her head to look at Shen Yan and said, “Dad, you won’t blame me, right?”

Although Shen Xi thought that her motive for coming out to work part-time without her parents’ knowledge was good, she had indeed lied to her parents.
Therefore, Shen Xi still felt a little guilty.

Shen Yan looked at his daughter, who pursed her lips and admitted her mistake, and felt a little uncomfortable.
He said gently, “I don’t blame you.
I just feel sorry for you.
Alright, you should go to class first.
Otherwise, you’ll be late.
I’ll come and pick you up tonight.”

Shen Xi nodded obediently and then walked toward the calligraphy and painting area.

Shen Yan looked at his daughter’s back and felt very emotional.
He instantly made a plan.

Before the elevator door was closed, it was opened again.

Shen Xi looked at Xiang Cheng, who walked into the elevator, and moved to the side.
She didn’t know what Xiang Cheng was doing in the calligraphy and painting area, nor did she want to know.
She only wanted to get away from this womanizing idiot.

However, it was clear that Xiang Cheng didn’t intend to let Shen Xi go.
He faced Shen Xi and said mockingly, “How does it feel to sit on a shabby tricycle?”

Shen Xi shot a cold glance at Xiang Cheng.
It seemed that Xiang Cheng had seen the scene just now.

But so what if Xiang Cheng had seen it? Shen Xi didn’t think that such a scene was anything special.
To be honest, Shen Yan was her father, and that was their family’s transportation tool.
That was all.

Xiang Cheng looked at Shen Xi, who was still cold and aloof, and naturally thought that Shen Xi was trying hard to act tough.
He thought that she must feel humiliated by her poverty.

“Shen Xi, I can give you a chance.
As long as you become my lover, you will enjoy all the treatment you received in the Jiang family.
You will even live a more comfortable life,” Xiang Cheng said, his eyes were already fixed on Shen Xi’s chest.
The dark look in his eyes had fully displayed the evil thoughts.

Shen Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at Xiang Cheng sarcastically.
“I’m afraid that you, the young master of the Xiang family who hasn’t weaned, can’t support me.”

When Xiang Cheng heard the words “hasn’t weaned” , he naturally felt uncomfortable.
However, he also admitted that he was still relying on the financial support of his parents, so he wasn’t very angry.

Xiang Cheng felt that since he had his parents as his backing, it was also a kind of strength.
Those men at the bottom, even if they worked their entire lives, might not have such a carefree and wealthy life like his.

However, since Shen Xi had said the price, Xiang Cheng naturally wasn’t afraid.
In his understanding, with Shen Xi’s current status, how expensive could it be? He asked confidently, “How much? Name your price.
Towards a girl from a poor family like you, I’m not to the extent of not being able to afford it.”

When the time came, he wanted Shen Xi to kneel down and lick his meat stick.
He also wanted to film it and publicize it so that this former Miss Jiang would be completely trampled under his feet.
Just thinking about it, Xiang Cheng was already getting excited.

Shen Xi softly spat out a number, “100 billion!”

Hearing Shen Xi’s answer, Xiang Cheng was so shocked that he almost bit his tongue off.
He said loudly to Shen Xi, “Are you crazy? 100 billion, do you think that thing below you is inlaid with gold? F * ck, you’re sick!”


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