Chapter 54: My Father, Shen Yan

Lu De pushed Zhao Hui away impatiently, “What other possibilities are there?” He demanded, unable to quell his anger.

“I’ve always said that brat from the Shen family isn’t trustworthy.
He seduced my poor innocent girl, eloping with her when she was only 18.
What’s so strange about him keeping an 18-year-old girl as his mistress?”

“A leopard can’t change its spots.
Since he had ideas of my daughter when she was but a young woman, who’s to say this girl isn’t another fling of his?”

“Chairman! Have you considered whether this young girl could be the Young Miss’s daughter?” Zhao Hui said helplessly.

Seeing Lu De pause, seriously considering the possibility, Zhao Hui regained her usual calm and added, ” Chairman, the Young Miss left when she was barely 18.
It’s been 19 years since her departure.
It would not be strange if she had a daughter who is now 18 years old.
I checked the surveillance footage, and the girl resembles the Young Miss.”

Disbelief coloured his words.
“You mean to say this girl is my granddaughter, that my daughter has a child of her own?”

It was a long time before Lu De returned to his senses, but when he did, tears pooled in his eyes as he cried, “My daughter… how’d this happen? She was so young… How dare that scoundrel lay his filthy hands on my daughter.
She must have suffered immensely! Don’t stop me.
Shen Yan, that wicked child, I’m going to cripple him!”

As Lu De spoke, he picked up his custom-made golf club and looked ready to give Shen Yan a beating he would never forget.

Yet, in the next second, Lu De realised something crucial.
He turned to Zhao Hui and asked, “Doesn’t that mean our Lu family has a successor?”

Zhao Hui smiled, nodding enthusiastically.
“Yes, Chairman.”

Lu De began pacing up and down his office, his gold club all but forgotten.
Finally, he met Zhao Hui’s eyes, those orbs of patient wisdom, and said, “We need to make plans for the long-term.”

Zhao Hui stook straight-backed, the barest hint of a smile touching her lips, “Yes.
The Lu family’s agreement with the other side is still in effect.
If we were to fall into disarray, it would open a window of opportunity for the Shen family.
We must strike while the iron is hot and take advantage of the Shen family’s ignorance.”

The man before her was not Lu De, but the Chairman of the Lu Group.
Only someone as wise and steady as him was worthy of her respect and support.

Lu De nodded in agreement.
“I’ll leave the details to you.
I need to head home and tell my wife that she’s now a grandmother.
Haha! I can’t wait to see her expression.”

“Yes, Chairman.” Zhao Hui accepted her task with grace and a professional smile.

Early the next morning, Shen Yan drove Shen Xi to class on his small electric tricycle.
“Xixi, when you’re done with class, you should wait here for me.
I’ll bring you home.”

Shen Xi smiled and nodded.
“Okay, Dad.
You have to be careful when you go to work.”

Just then, Li Si came over.
When he saw Shen Xi, he went up to greet her.
“Xixi, you’re here.
Who is this?”

Shen Yan grew flustered.
He recalled a day when he had gone to pick Jiang Xue up on his electric tricycle because it was getting late, only for her to say she did not know him.
It was one of the most hurtful things he had heard her say, and he still carried the scars.

When they arrived home, Jiang Xue threw a tantrum, saying he had lost face for her by picking her up on his old and worn tricycle.

From then on, Shen Yan never picked Jiang Xue up again.
When they bumped into each other, he would distance himself by saying he needed directions.

Hence, out of instinct, he covered his face and said, “I was just asking her for directions.”

Shen Yan did not care about his face, but his daughter was another matter altogether.
No matter what, he would do his best to save her face.

Shen Xi, who had not had the time to reply, heard Shen Yan’s words and almost instantly guessed why Shen Yan would answer in the manner he did.
It caused her heart to clench painfully.

Gently, she peeled away the hands over his face and hugged him, saying, “Boss, my father likes to joke around.
Don’t take it to heart.
Let me introduce you to him.
This is my father, Shen Yan.”

Shen Xi squeezed her father’s hands softly and said, “This is my boss, Li Si.”

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