nditioners would not go through.

Elsewhere, a woman wearing a black business suit and black-rimmed glasses hurried into the Lu Group building in Beijing.

Gossip ran wild as office workers craned their necks toward Secretary Zhao, who was jogging in her black high heels, so different from her usual dignified and steady gait.
It was abnormal.
Had something serious happened to the company?

Zhao Hui pushed open the door to the chairman’s office, quickly composing herself before she greeted the most important person in the building.
“Chairman, the young master of the Shen family just bought three air conditioners at the Wanlu shopping mall today.”

When Lu De heard his secretary’s words, the deep wrinkles on his face smoothened, and his eyes shone as he looked at the Shen Corporation building opposite.
“Hah! It looks like I won this gamble.
Not only did Shen Yan enter a shopping mall belonging to the Lu Group, but he even bought three air conditioners.
The old man across must be fuming!”

18 years.
It had been 18 years since he heard from his daughter.
Who would have known she would be so heartless as to forget her old man in favour of some stinky brat of the Shen family? The mere thought caused rage to burn his bones.

Secretary Zhao frowned, hesitating as she spoke, “I’ve retrieved footage from the mall and gathered statements from our employees there.
According to the salesperson, the one who bought the air conditioners was a young woman, around 18 years old.
It was not the Young Master of the Shen family.
I think…”

Before Zhao Hui could finish her sentence, Lu De interrupted her, confusion evident in his voice.
“An 18-year-old girl?”

Lu De arrived at the only conclusion he could reach.
Slamming the table angrily, he growled, “Is Shen Yan cheating on my daughter? Is this woman his mistress? How dare he toy with my daughter’s feelings.
He’ll wish he were dead when I get my hands on him!” He immediately ordered, “Call my bodyguards over.
I want Shen Yan to celebrate Qingming Festival next year.”

Zhao Hui felt a headache coming.
Her boss was still as hot-headed as ever, going off like a firecracker at the slightest provocation.

“Chairman, please calm yourself.
There are other possibilities.
The girl might be…” Zhao Hui blocked Lu De’s way, earnestly appealing to his side of reason.

However, Lu De waved away her conjectures before she could lay them out for him.
He was so angry that everything boiled down to a point.
His precious daughter, the sweet little girl he had raised lovingly, was being trampled upon by that no-good youngster of the Shen family.
His anger… it was not something he could swallow.
He would avenge his daughter!

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