Chapter 50: Expensive Lesson Fees

“I’m looking for Teacher Shen.
I want to hire her as my tutor; the fees aren’t an issue,” Jiang Xue said haughtily.

The course consultant was a smart person.
He knew Jiang Xue was a big fish and grew excited by the prospect of earning a handsome commission for obtaining her business.
He hesitated, however, when he learned who Jiang Xue was looking for Shen Xi.
Teacher Shen’s classes were all full, so he thought to recommend another teacher.
Jiang Xue was not a fish he would allow to escape his net.

“I’m sorry.
Teacher Shen’s classes are currently full.
Teacher Xue is just as good as Teacher Shen, he…” Before the course consultant could finish, Liu Cheng interrupted him.

Pointing at Jiang Xue, she said, “My friend here is the eldest daughter of the President of Kunlun Construction.
We want nothing but the best.
Don’t bring up whoever this Teacher Xue is when he only commands fees of 80,000 yuan a month! Someone of his calibre isn’t fit to teach Jiang Xue.”

The course consultant looked at Jiang Xue and then back at Liu Cheng.
It seemed he would need to confer with his boss, Li Si, to see if he could get Shen Xi to take on the extra work.

Not long after Shen Xi returned to the Six Arts Workshop, her boss, Li Si, greeted her with a smile matching the Maitreya Buddha and said, “Xixi, an honoured guest is here.
They would like to speak to you.”

Indifferent, Shen XI asked, “What do they wish to learn?”

“They’ve said they want to learn all the basic courses and are willing to pay a high price.
It seems the person looking for instruction is the young miss of Kunlun Construction, and she appears quite generous!” Li Si gushed happily.

When she heard the phrase, ‘the young miss of Kunlun Construction,’ Shen Xi’s eyes flashed, and the corners of her mouth curled up.
With a slashing smile, she purred, “Is that so? Since she’s the child of a wealthy family, anything too cheap would be a slap to her face.
I wouldn’t mind teaching her if that is something she wants, but the tuition fee will be 350,000 yuan a month.”

Li Si was stunned when he heard that jaw-dropping sum.

Li Si felt that he might have misheard.
He dug into her ears and repeated slowly, “You mean 350,000 yuan?”

When he saw Shen Xi nod again, Li Si was flabbergasted.
“Xixi, the basic course is only a month’s worth of training.
At the very most, it should only cost between 50 and 80,000 yuan.
Anything more than that is excessive.
Isn’t 350,000 yuan a little too much?”

Li Si could not help but wonder whether Shen Xi had become a renowned artist and was using that as a basis to raise the fees.

Even though the cost of Shen Xi’s services had increased, he also benefited, earning more than he would normally have.
Then again, if she raised the price unilaterally, not many students would sign up for future lessons.
If that were to happen, he would lose more than the amount he had earned.

Shen Xi saw through Li Si’s hesitance and stopped him from letting his thoughts run wild.
“Boss, don’t worry.
I’ll accept your arrangements for any other student, regardless of how much you decide to charge them; I’ll leave it all to you.
However, Jiang Xue’s fees will be 350,000 a month, and not a yuan less.”

Li Si was surprised by Shen Xi’s insight.
He did not think she would read him so easily.
Rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, he tried to regain his composure but failed when he caught on to the fact that Shen Xi knew who her prospective student would be.
How did she know the young miss she was supposed to teach was Jiang Xue? He did not recall mentioning her name during their conversation.
It seemed that Shen Xi knew Jiang Xue.

A vague picture settled in his mind, and he sensed something more to their history.
Perhaps they had some conflict, which resulted in Shen Xi’s hard-line stance.
Curious, he asked, “Shen Xi, did Jiang Xue do something to offend you?”

Shen Xi regarded her boss coolly and answered in slow, measured words, “Yes.
She’s harmed my family before.
There is quite a bit of enmity between us.”

An intense hatred burned in her eyes, roaring like the righteous flames of retribution.

Seeing Shen Xi like this, Li Si’s expression turned serious.
He had thought there might be some unhappiness between Shen XI and Jiang Xue, but he never thought it would be so serious.

Li Si viewed Shen Xi as his money tree, while Jiang Xue was just one of many potential clients.
Naturally, he stood by Shen Xi’s side.

“Since Jiang Xue is your enemy, then she is mine too! Xixi, I’ll do as you say and inform her that the fees will amount to 350,000.
And not a yuan less!”

No sooner had he declared this did he storm out of Shen Xi’s office, looking ready to march off to war.

In the VIP reception room, Jiang Xue awaited news of her success, but when she heard the figure quoted, she inhaled sharply.
“350,000 yuan? Are you crazy? What kind of lesson fees cost 350,000 yuan?”

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