Mutual Destruction

She was here today to make the Jiang family pay for their sins with their blood.

The people around were still pointing and discussing about this farce.

Xiang Lao’s last disciple had been made a joke, and even his grandson’s marriage was ridiculed.
He couldn’t stand it anymore and turned around to leave.

The three members of the Jiang family panicked, but when they saw Xiang Cheng holding Jiang Xue’s hand with concern, they felt relieved again.

Finally, someone called the security guards in.
Shen Xi sneered.
The Jiang family was too much.

If it weren’t for the fact that they wanted to portray their family as kind and gentle to their adopted daughter, so as not to damage Jiang Xue’s image of gentleness and magnanimity, they wouldn’t have let her talk nonsense here.

That was why she had so much time to upset them.

Shen Xi quickly took off her backpack and unzipped it.

Then, she looked around the crowd with a murderous aura and finally looked at the security guard.

Shen Xi opened her mouth slightly and said something that made people tremble in fear, “The thing in my hands is a bomb.
Those who don’t want to die, get out of here.”

“Is that… Is that a real bomb?” Someone saw the thing in Shen Xi’s arms and screamed in fear.

In an instant, the guests were all in a panic.
They pushed each other and ran out.
Even the security guard who came in to deal with Shen Xi immediately turned to run.

The three people from the Jiang family were also in a panic.
They wanted to escape, but Shen Xi blocked them.

Xiang Cheng’s mind went numb.
He wanted to escape too, but Jiang Xue was holding on to him.

Shen Xi approached the three members of the Jiang family step by step, “It was you guys who killed my parents.
It was you guys who destroyed my family.
It was you guys who made me suffer in prison.
Let’s go to Hell together.”

Looking at the slightly crazy Shen Xi, Xiang Cheng started to panic.
His breathing became heavier.
“Shen Xi, are you crazy? Quickly put down the bomb.
We’ll forget this ever happened.”

Shen Xi looked at Xiang Cheng, “Yo, you’re still here? Looks like you really love Jiang Xue a lot.
If you really want to die together, I don’t mind.
I just have to pull the fuse.”

Hearing the word “Pull”, Xiang Cheng was so scared that his whole body trembled.
He unconsciously swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva and turned around to escape.

Jiang Xue steadied her mind and grabbed Xiang Cheng.
“Don’t be afraid of her.
How could she have a bomb? Even if we had the money to buy it, we wouldn’t be able to buy it.
Her? She just got out of prison and doesn’t even have any money.”

Jiang Xue’s words made everyone heave a sigh of relief.

“Buy? Why would I have to buy it? Guess what? My prison mate was a chemistry professor who was imprisoned for making a bomb.
Do you know how hard it was to please her?”

“You know what else? I sold a diamond necklace to buy the materials I needed to build this bomb.
That’s right, the diamond necklace that you guys gave me.
Don’t you guys think you brought this upon yourselves?”

At this moment, Shen Xi was not angry.
Her smile was maniacal.
It was terrifying.

When Xiang Cheng heard this, he wanted to leave immediately.
He was afraid of death.
He still had a bright future ahead of him.
Why would he give up his life for a girl?

Xiang Cheng struggled to break free from Jiang Xue’s hand.
He aimed at the door and ran.

Jiang Xue shouted in disbelief, “Cheng!”

Xiang Cheng suddenly fell.
Then, he got up embarrassingly and ran away without looking back.

Jiang Xue couldn’t believe that the man who ran away was the man who told her day and night that he loved her more than anything else in his life.

“Lunatic, you lunatic.” Jiang Lun looked at the bomb in Shen Xi’s hand and was about to snatch it away.

Jiang Xue couldn’t help but say, “Aren’t you afraid of death? You will die too!”

Shen Xi wasn’t afraid.
She pulled the fuse threw it in the direction of the Jiang family.


What would she be afraid of?

She had nothing but a notorious reputation, what would she be afraid to lose?

She was dead set on bringing this family of demons to Hell to pay for their sins.

She wasn’t afraid of anything!

No matter what happened.

She would bear the consequences!

In just a few seconds, an explosion was heard, and fire shot out in all directions, burning everything in the surroundings.

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