“Then, shall I accept the deposit?” Li Si asked, grinning from ear to ear.

Shen Xi nodded, sharing a tentative smile with her boss.
She was usually calm and level-headed, which gave people a sense of security when dealing with her.
one might say it was part of her charm.

Shen Xi stretched and exited the art school.
She was feeling stiff and wanted to get some fresh air when she heard someone call her.

“Shen Xi?”

In Rongcheng, most people called her Teacher Shen.
Only Li Si would call her ‘Xixi’.

Shen Xi looked back in confusion and saw Jiang Xue.

Jiang Xue did not expect to see Shen Xi in Rongcheng.

Xiang Cheng’s grandfather was a famous painter in Rongcheng.
To please Xiang Cheng’s grandfather, Jiang Xue, thought of finding a better teacher to teach her painting.

Xia Chun had introduced several teachers, but Jiang Xue was not very satisfied with them.
Therefore, she wanted to pick a teacher for herself.
She did not expect to run into Shen Xi here.

Jiang Xue seemed surprised and affectionate as she ran to Shen Xi.
“Xixi, what are you doing here?”

Shen Xi glared at Jiang Xue impatiently.
The girl beside Jiang Xue also ran over.
Shen Xi recognised her at a glance.
It was her former classmate, Liu Cheng.

Liu Cheng gave Shen Xi the stink eye.
She never liked Shen Xi much with her beautiful looks and good grades.
Girls of similar ages often compare themselves, and Liu Cheng was no exception.

It was sad but true that families tended to compare their children with their peers, specifically, those they felt were better than their own.
Shen Xi was the yardstick her parents compared her to, often criticising Liu Cheng for her failings and cultivating her bitter feelings towards her perceived nemesis.

Her parents would say to her: “Look at Jiang Xi.
How is it your grades are so much worse than hers? Are you trying to lose face for us?”

When this happened, Liu Cheng would bite her lips, feeling inferior.

Things only changed when Shen Xi was exposed as not being the Jiang family’s child.
That was her happiest memory to date.

Shen Xi was not Jiang Xi.
She was a lowly peasant from a poor family.
She, Liu Cheng, was by far her superior, coming from a wealthy family.

“Ah, so it’s Jiang Xi! Oh, I’m sorry.
I misspoke.
You go by Shen Xi now, don’t you? My bad.
It seems my memory failed me.
I forgot you’re no longer the Young Miss of the Jiang family.” Liu Cheng’s words dripped with disdain.

Shen Xi did not want to waste her breath with either of them, so she tried ignoring Liu Cheng and Jiang Xue.

However, before Shen Xi could go far, she was pulled back by Liu Cheng.

Liu Cheng was very dissatisfied with Shen Xi’s arrogance.
Shen Xi was only a child from a poor family.
How dare she act so high and mighty?

“Shen Xi, I’m talking to you.
Are you deaf? Who do you think you are to brush me off like that?” Liu Cheng grabbed Shen Xi roughly, refusing to let go.

“A good dog doesn’t get in the way.
Liu Cheng, let me give you a piece of advice.
Let me go now, or you’ll face the consequences of your actions,” Shen Xi said coldly.

Shen Xi’s gaze was like a shard of ice, piercing straight at Liu Cheng.
That look she received was so frightening that Liu Cheng unconsciously let go.

Since when was Shen Xi so scary? Liu Cheng thought with lingering fear.
In the past, Shen Xi was always kind and amiable.
Even if she were a little cold and quiet, she never looked at anyone that way.

Jiang Xue ground her teeth.
Liu Cheng, the useless fool she was, was so easily frightened by Shen Xi that she despised her.
If it were not for her not having any wealthy connections in her circle of friends, she would have severed ties with Liu Cheng long ago.

Jiang Xue quickly intervened.
“Xixi, how could you be so mean? You were once classmates with Cheng Cheng.
Shouldn’t you be a little more polite? Even if you can’t afford to go to Zhuo Ying High School, it doesn’t hurt to foster old friendships.
A wider circle of friends means more possibilities.
There might even come a day when you’ll need Cheng Cheng’s help!”

Liu Cheng basked in Jiang Xue’s flattery.
Jiang Xue was right; why did she need to fear Shen Xi? She was just some girl without any yuan to her name.
She would probably live a life of poverty.

Thinking about how Shen Xi would one day kneel in front of her and beg for a way out, Liu Cheng’s heart was instantly filled with joy.

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