Shen Yan carried the unconscious Shen Xi and, with his wife, Lu Shan, searched for the nearest hospital.

While they were panicking, a black car stopped in front of them.

“Get in the car quickly.
I’ll send you to the hospital.
Hurry up,” Xue Li said to the Shen couple.

Shen Yan and his wife shared a look, reaching the same decision almost instantly.
Shen Xi’s well-being was their foremost concern.
The two of them got into the car without a fuss.

By the time Jiang Xue and Xiang Cheng caught up, they had already been left in the dust; only the flashing taillights of the car glowed in the distance.

Xiang Cheng did not expect Jiang Xue to be so ruthless.
He was worried about Shen Xi, though not for the reasons one would expect.
He had never been together with a woman like Shen Xi before.
Would it not be a waste if something happened to her and ruined his fun?


Eyeing the ferocious-looking Jiang Xue beside him, Xiang Cheng said coldly, “You’ll have to explain things to my father.
I’m not taking the blame for you.”

Xiang Cheng knew his position in the family well; he was just a third-generation man of wealth without any real ability.
Everything he had was given to him by his father and grandfather.
His father bought the Apollo Helios sports car after much persuasion.
If he learned that it was no better than scrap metal now, soon after being bought, he might blow a gasket.

Jiang Xue did not think Xiang Cheng would treat her so harshly.
Whimpering with tears, she pleaded, “Brother Cheng, I didn’t do it on purpose.
Won’t you forgive me this time? If Uncle learns of this, my parents will be the first to know.
They would never let me accompany you to have fun again!”

As Jiang Xue spoke, she tugged at Xiang Cheng’s hand coquettishly, her plump bosom gently brushing against his arm.
Men were all the same: show them a little skin and daggle something extra, and they danced to her tune.
Jiang Xue was the sort to use every advantage she had to achieve her goals.

Xiang Cheng snorted, wrenching his arm free, thoroughly unimpressed by the disgusting display.

Jiang Xue was nothing more than a tool in his eyes, a toy he entertained himself with from time to time.
It was not a big deal if Jiang Xue could no longer go out with him; he had plenty of women ready and willing to fulfil his desires as and when he wanted.
The only reason he bothered with her was because of a lucrative deal between his father and hers.
If that deal were to fall through, his father would not be pleased with him.

At the end of the day, Xiang Cheng was aware enough to know what he should and should not do.

If Jiang Xue thought she could seduce him so easily, she had another thing coming.
Shen Xi was a hundred times better than her.
Even now, he could not help but envisage Shen Xi, that arrogant woman, lying prone, crying her heart out as he took her.

Not in her wildest dreams did she consider the possibility of Xiang Cheng refusing her.
Angry and without an outlet to release her pent-up frustrations, Jiang Xue stomped her, watching Xiang Cheng leave her behind.


The Shen couple got out of the car with the unconscious Shen Xi, thanking Guan Lei for his timely aid and disappeared into the hospital.

“Master, where are we going now?” Xue Li looked at Guan Lei through her rearview mirror, inquiring politely.

Xue Li and Guan Lei had witnessed the entire farce.
She did not know what was going on in her master’s mind.
Why did he suddenly decide to help the Shen couple and Shen Xi? It was very strange to her.

“We’re going home.
I want to sleep,” Guan Lei directed somewhat impatiently.

She was unsure why, but it seemed Guan Lei was not in a good mood.
Unbeknownst to Xue Li, Guan Lei’s poor mood lay in the image that constantly replayed itself in his mind: the image of Shen Xi lying unconscious.

Perhaps it was because the ally he had found in Shen Xi had been hurt for nothing and by some minor, nameless character no less.

“As you command,” Xue Li respectfully answered as she started up the engine and set the course for home.

“Give Zhu Cheng a call later.
I like the entertainment at the amusement park very much.
Tell him to wait for me.
I will treat him well next time!” Guan Lei gnashed his teeth when he said this.
His posture made him look like he wanted to rip flesh from bone.

Xue Li swallowed, assenting.

It seemed that someone was going to be unlucky.

Shen Xi opened her eyes to a dazzling white.
It was so jarring she needed to close her eyes again.

The voices of her parents rang in her ears.

“Do you have any more? I still need to buy supplements for when Xixi is discharged,” Lu Shan spoke softly.

“There’s nothing left.
I’ve already sold the two electric fans we had to cover the medical bill; we only have a little left.
We should keep the last fan for Xixi in case she gets hot.
How else will she sleep? Summer nights are anything but cool.” Shen Yan sighed, going over their situation with his wife.

“No more.
I’ve sold the two electric fans.
After paying the medical fees, I only have this little left.
“I’ll leave the remaining electric fan for Xixi to blow on.
Otherwise, how will she sleep on such a hot summer night?” Shen Yan said with a sigh.

Shen Xi frowned.
She knew her father and mother were not wealthy, but she never thought they would be destitute.

Well, it seemed that her poor life was about to begin.

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