“I remember you saying that when I become an adult to buy you a car and a house.
Haha! Don’t you think it sounds ridiculous? The house we used to live in didn’t even have air condition, and you still have your head in the clouds?”

“If we’re supposed to be family, then we’re a family of two different worlds.
One waits for her daughter to buy her diamonds to show off, while the other can’t wait for his daughter to buy him a new house and car.
It’s disgusting.” Jiang Xue’s cut deep and were steeped in venom.
A mad glint shone in her eyes as she ridiculed Shen Yan.

The Shen couple did not expect the daughter they had painstakingly raised over the years would treat them with so little kindness or respect.
It shamed and brought them sadness.

Lu Shan held Shen Xi’s hand; her head bowed in sorrow.

Shen Xi could not bear to hear more from Jiang Xue and stepped toward her on wobbly feet.

The Shen couple quickly supported Shen Xi, afraid she would fall.

“Are you done? If you’re done, get lost!” Shen Xi’s voice was cold and carried the threat of violence should Jiang Xue say another word.

“Shen Xi, you have some nerve! You…” Jiang Xue was interrupted by Xiang Cheng.

“Jiang Xue.
Handle your matters yourself.
Don’t drag others into it.” Xiang Cheng stalked over from the wreckage of his car.
He was in no mood to deal with squabbles outside his own and spoke to Jiang Xue through gritted teeth.

Someone was pointing and swearing at Xiang Cheng.

He did not care to stand around listening to Jiang Xue and Shen Xi bicker.
He was more concerned for his beloved car that had turned into scrap and, to a lesser extent, the car it had damaged.
The owner of the car was practically frothing, demanding restitution.

Jiang Xue immediately understood the situation from a glance at the angry individual chasing Xiang Cheng.

From his posture, Jiang Xue could tell that Xiang Cheng did not want to get involved in family drama and wanted to be off.

Jiang Xue took a deep breath.
Now was not the time to bring up the past.
In the eyes of the Jiang couple, she was still the poster girl of obedience.

Jiang Lun was still unhappy with her regarding the loan shark’s incident.
If she added this car crash to her name, it would compromise her carefully crafted image.

Turning her nose up at Shen Xi, she said arrogantly, “Shen Xi, you are the one at fault here.
You will follow that person to settle things with the insurance companies.
Do you understand me?”

Shen Xi was so angry she laughed.
However, it was not Shen Xi who responded, but Shen Yan, “You must bear responsibility for your actions! My daughter isn’t someone you can order around.”

Shen Yan was beyond disappointed with Jiang Xue.
The woman looking down on them could not be the daughter he and his wife had painstakingly raised for more than ten years.
On this note, he chose to recognise the woman who had saved him as his real daughter.

Shen Xi looked up in shock.
She had not expected Shen Yan to defend her, much less call her his daughter, and it warmed the cockles of her heart.

Would her father have done the same had he not died in her previous life? Would he have protected her and made Jiang Xue accountable for her actions if he had lived? Shen Xi could not help but wonder.

The thought caused her to tear up once again.

Lu Shan held onto Shen Xi’s hand and asked concernedly, “What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well? Is your head injury hurting you more?”

Meanwhile, Jiang Xue was stunned by Shen Yan’s words.
He had been her father for more than eighteen years.

Jiang Xue had never thought that one day, her father, who had raised her for eighteen years, would protect an outsider over her.
Shen Yan had never done so in the eighteen years he had raised her.


Jiang Xue’s shocked gaze moved to Lu Shan, holding Shen Xi protectively.
In the past, Lu Shan would hold her in the same manner whenever she needed someone to comfort her.
Every time she was put down for her average looks, her parents would come to her rescue, and Lu Shan would hold her hand and say, “Xue’er is the prettiest! No one else can compare.”

Jiang Xue tried her best to tamp down the bitter emotion that bubbled in her heart, convincing herself that those small actions were nothing in the eyes of the rich and powerful.

“Shen Yan, you don’t know who my biological parents are.
My father is the President of Kunlun Construction in Rongcheng.
He is a big name in Rongcheng.
You had better weigh your options carefully.
If Shen Xi doesn’t admit her mistake today, I’ll make sure your family won’t have a good time,” Jiang Xue threatened.

Lu Shan laughed, sorrow touched with disdain lacing the sound.
Shen Yan also smiled while shaking his head.
They were both laughing at Jiang Xue’s arrogance.

Just then, the owner of the damaged car arrived.

Jiang Xue took the initiative to point at Shen Xi and said, “The person who hit your car is that woman.
Her name is Shen Xi.
See, she still has a wound on her head! She’s the thief who stole our car and crashed it into yours.”


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