ook him off.
She didn’t want to go back to that poor family.

Glancing at Shen Yan, Jiang Xue was extremely anxious.
She had to convince Shen Yan that she wasn’t his daughter so that she could get away.

Oh right, paternity test!

Jiang Xue thought of the paternity test taken in the photo album on her phone.
If she showed it to Shen Yan, she would be able to prove that she wasn’t Shen Yan’s daughter.

However, the moment she took out her phone, it ran out of battery.
Jiang Xue became agitated.

Xiang Cheng, who was smoking beside her, unexpectedly received a call from Shen Xi.

On the other end of the phone, Shen Xi asked in a deep voice, “Are you with Jiang Xue?”

Xiang Cheng thought that Shen Xi was jealous, so he said arrogantly, “Yes, she’s right next to me.”

Shen Xi didn’t waste any time and directly asked, “Where are you?”

Xiang Cheng thought that Shen Xi knew about the matter between him and Jiang Xue and wanted to persuade him to stay, so he immediately generously told her his location.

After hanging up the phone, Shen Xi rushed to the outdoor parking lot as fast as she could.

Shen Xi waited for a long time before she felt that something was wrong.
When she pushed open the door of the VIP room, as expected, there was no one inside.
Only then did she realize that there was a back door to the VIP room.

So Shen Xi immediately called Jiang Xue, but she couldn’t get through.

Thinking of what Xia Chun said, Shen Xi thought that Jiang Xue might be with Xiang Cheng, so she called Xiang Cheng to try.
She didn’t expect it to be true.

Shen Xi ran to the outdoor parking lot in one breath.
When she saw Xiang Cheng, she immediately ran up.

At that moment, Shen Xi heard the sound of a car starting up.
The sound of a sports car starting up was particularly loud in the parking lot.
Shen Xi could instantly locate the location of the sports car.

And her father, as if fate had arranged it, was still standing not far away from the sports car with its glaring headlights.

Jiang Xue didn’t expect Shen Yan to not make sense and not be able to shake him off, so she quickly got into Xiang Cheng’s car and thought of driving away from Shen Yan.

Seeing Shen Yan suddenly appear in front of the car, Jiang Xue wanted to drive the car back, but for some reason, she panicked and the car rushed forward, heading straight in the direction of Shen Yan.

Shen Xi suddenly widened her eyes in horror and rushed toward Shen Yan without caring about anything else.
She screamed mournfully, “Quickly dodge!”

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