Took a Liking to the Painting

However, since they had already given it away, they couldn’t ask for it back, right? It would be embarrassing.
In short, Wang Yue was extremely upset with her son.
How could this painting be given away so casually?

Compared to Wang Yue’s pale face, the three members of the Jiang family were very happy.

Especially Jiang Xue.
It didn’t matter whether she liked the painting or not.
As long as the painting was valuable enough, worth a lot of money, and the kind that was very expensive, she would be happy.
This meant that she, Shen Xue, had a high status and was worthy of something valuable.

Jiang Xue quietly put away the painting and then looked at Xiang Cheng with rosy cheeks.
Her eyes were filled with the shyness of a young girl.
She said to Xiang Cheng in a gentle voice, “Thank you, Brother Cheng.”

Xiang Cheng was overjoyed to be called “Brother Cheng.”.
It was not that no one had ever called him “Brother Cheng,” but Xiang Cheng felt a sense of accomplishment when the daughter of the Jiang family called him “Brother Cheng.”.

Unlike the previous daughter of the Jiang family, Shen Xi, who would only call him “Xiang Cheng” without any change in expression even though she was trying to please him.
Everyone thought that Shen Xi was the one chasing Xiang Cheng, However, only Xiang Cheng himself knew that Shen Xi was very cold.

If one day he could hear Shen Xi call him “Brother Cheng” so softly, Xiang Cheng felt that he would be very happy.
However, when he thought of this, Xiang Cheng felt that it was a bit of a pity.
He hadn’t even held Shen Xi’s hand yet.
Was he going to let Shen Xi go just like that?

In his mind, Shen Xi delicate and fair face and exquisite figure appeared.
Xiang Cheng couldn’t help but feel his throat tighten.
Damn it.

Thinking of this, Xiang Cheng realized that his breathing had become heavier.
He could not help but feel that he had lost his composure.

Xia Chun thought that the two kids were embarrassed, so she immediately said with a smile, “You two young people go play by yourselves.
Take this bracelet.
You can go on any ride in the amusement park.”

Xiang Cheng was still thinking about what reason he should use to leave.
After all, his suit pants were relatively tight, and he could already feel the excitement of his object between his thighs.

“Okay, then Xue, shall we go together?” Xiang Cheng asked very gentlemanly.

Jiang Xue was mesmerized by Xiang Cheng’s gentlemanly demeanor.
Her cheeks were flushed red, and her hands were nervously clasped together.
Then, she nodded her head.

However, Xia Chun had an extra trick up her sleeve, allowing the two of them to go out from the other door of the VIP room.
In the past, Shen Xi and Xiang Cheng had spent some time together.
What if Shen Xi still had feelings for Xiang Cheng and went to cause trouble?

Xia Chun, who was watching the backs of the two, was very happy.
Only a good-looking boy from a decent family would be worthy of her daughter.

Wang Yue, who was standing at the side, did not think so.
Looking at Jiang Xue’s petty manner, she was not at all as graceful as a lady from a big family.
How could she be worthy of her outstanding son?

Jiang Xue’s bashful look was much worse than Shen Xi’s.
Thinking of this, Wang Yue was extremely dissatisfied.
At home, she wanted to have a good talk with Xiang Tian and see if she could find another marriage partner for her son.
Otherwise, if she were to bring such a daughter-in-law out in the future, it would be very embarrassing.

Xiang Cheng did not know where to bring Jiang Xue to play.
However, he had recently gotten a new car, which he had driven during the graduation banquet that day.
Hence, he said to Jiang Xue, “Let me take you out for a ride.”

Xiang Cheng wasn’t interested in this amusement park at all.
He had come here for Shen Xi.
Jiang Lun had said that he wanted Shen Xi to personally apologize to him.

But now, Xiang Cheng still had to put on a show and accompany Jiang Xue.

At this time, Jiang Xue had already completely forgotten her plan to torture Shen Xi yesterday.
She only had eyes for the handsome boy in front of her.
Naturally, she would go wherever Xiang Cheng said.

Xiang Cheng quickly brought Jiang Xue to the outdoor parking lot.

When Jiang Xue heard Xiang Cheng say that the sports car in front of her was worth tens of millions, she was so shocked that she couldn’t close her mouth.

Xiang Cheng felt that Jiang Xue’s unworldly appearance was extremely cute.
He was showing off with a sense of satisfaction.
Unlike Shen Xi, who would only say lightly, “Oh, it’s pretty.”

Jiang Xue did not expect that this car would actually cost ten million yuan.
That was money that her previous poor family could never earn in their entire lifetime.

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