Family of Three

Jiang Lun’s face was also filled with a smile.
He then continued, “By the way, didn’t you say that you wanted to go to Rongwan Amusement Park? Tomorrow, your mother and I will go with you!”

Jiang Xue said in surprise, “Really?”

Jiang Xue was extremely happy.
Rongwan Amusement Park was quite famous in Rong City.
It was famous for being expensive.

Actually, there were many more amusement parks that were more famous than Rongwan.
However, Jiang Xue had an obsession with Rongwan.
It was because a nouveau riche female classmate of hers had gone there before.
She even ridiculed Jiang Xue that she could never afford to go.

Therefore, at that time, she secretly swore that she would definitely go to Rongwan Amusement Park in the future.

Xia Chun looked at Jiang Xue’s cheerful look with amusement.
“Of course! Our family owns it.
You can go whenever you want.
You can even bring your classmates to play with you in the future.”

Xia Chun really liked Jiang Xue’s childlike innocence and cuteness.
It gave her a sense of accomplishment as a mother.

It wasn’t that Shen Xi wasn’t innocent and cute, but she was too obedient.
She never showed such a happy expression when they went to the amusement park.

Xia Chun’s words made Jiang Xue jump for joy.
Such an expensive amusement park was actually owned by her family? Then wouldn’t she be the owner of this amusement park?

Jiang Xue felt that her chance to redeem herself had come.

“Oh right, Xiang Cheng is coming tomorrow too.
Remember to dress up nicely,” said Jiang Lun as he put down his phone.

Jiang Xue asked curiously, “Who is Xiang Cheng?”

Xia Chun hugged her daughter and said with a smile, “Xiang Cheng, he’s the son of Xiang Group’s president, Uncle Xiang.
He’s tall and handsome.
You two should get to know each other better.”

When Jiang Xue heard about Xiang Group, she was instantly overjoyed.
As expected, her new social circle.
Xiang Cheng was the young master of Xiang Group, someone she didn’t even dare to think about in the past.

Then, she thought about her previous home, where those who came and went were all poor families.
And those classmates of hers, most of them had to work hard to have a good future.
It was funny that their final destination would not even be as good as her current starting point.

As expected, she had the life of a princess.
Being with a prince was her final destination.

The Jiang family of three was harmonious.

Shen Xi, who was at the side, could not help but clench her fists.
Blue veins could be seen on the back of her fair hands.
The hatred in her heart had already filled her eyes.
She remembered very clearly that her father had died at the Rongwan Amusement Park the next day.

After the collision in her previous life, Jiang Xue ran home in fear and asked Shen Xi to take the blame for her.
The Jiang couple who came back later also knelt on the ground and begged her.
Hence, she went to prison with her injuries that had not yet healed.

Since the Jiang family owned the amusement park, the surveillance video of Jiang Xue hitting someone with a car at that time could be hidden.
No one could find it.
This was also why Shen Xi was able to successfully take the blame for Jiang Xue.

But why was she able to get away with murder? Jiang Xue and her parents could live happily while the Shen family was destroyed.

At this moment, Jiang Xue saw Shen Xi who was silent at the side.
She couldn’t help but feel proud in her heart.
She suddenly thought of a way to punish Shen Xi.

Jiang Xue wanted Shen Xi to go to the amusement park with her tomorrow.
She wanted Shen Xi to follow behind her like a servant girl, carrying a bag and serving her with water.

After all, Shen Xi had left a deep impression on Jiang Xue the day she returned to the Jiang family.
She clearly remembered how humble and embarrassed she was so she wanted to trample Shen Xi under her feet, to avenge her past humiliation.

Therefore, Jiang Xue slightly put away her sarcasm and said casually, “What about Xi? Do you want to go with us? After all, Rongwan Amusement Park is so expensive.
You will never have the chance to go there again in the future.”

Xia Chun frowned when she heard Jiang Xue’s words.
She didn’t want to bring Shen XI out to meet people at all.
“Xi doesn’t have to go.”

Jiang Xue knew that would be the answer, so she thought about how to ask her parents to agree to let Shen Xi go with her.

However, before Jiang Xue could say anything, Jiang Lun said, “Shen Xi, you go with her and apologize to Xiang Cheng personally.”

Xiang Cheng’s mother had suddenly become cold to Xia Chun these few days.
Could it be that because Shen Xi had offended Xiang Cheng, the Jiang family had also been implicated?

At the thought of this, Xia Chun’s face was filled with displeasure.
“How did you offend Cheng that day?”

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