our family still dare to live in Rong City?”

Shen Xi didn’t expect that Jiang Xue still wanted her to stay with them.
Since she didn’t want to stay in the Jiang family moving forward, she immediately said, “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.
After all, the Jiang family has raised me for eighteen years.
Ruining the Jiang family’s reputation won’t do be any good.”

Jiang Xue bit her lower lip, unwilling to give up.
She stared at Shen Xi with tears in her eyes.
“I don’t believe you.”

Then, Jiang Xue turned around and buried her head into Xia Chun’s arms.
She cried extremely miserably, her voice was filled with pleading.
“Mom, you can’t let her go.
What if, what if she goes back and those two people from the Shen family see that I’m wealthy and stick to me? I’m afraid of them, Mom.”

Xia Chun heard her daughter’s pleas and hugged her in her arms.
Then, she looked up at Shen Xi and said, “Since Xue wants you to stay, you can stay.
You can go back after the matter is over.”

Shen Xi didn’t want to bother with this family and turned around to leave.

“Let’s see if you can leave this hotel today.” Jiang Lun’s voice sounded eerily behind Shen Xi.

Damn it.
Shen Xi could not help but swear in her heart.
She was a little regretful now.
She should not have come to watch the show just now.
She should have gone straight to her parents’ house.
Now, she could not go back.

Sure enough, there was a price to pay for watching the show.
But thinking about it again, if she wasn’t here to see Jiang Xue’s miserable appearance with her own eyes, she would never forgive herself.
Forget it, she decided to go back home with the Jiang family first.
She would figure out how to escape later.

But when she remembered that there was something she still had to do, Shen Xi’s expression immediately changed, she said aggrievedly, “I’m not leaving, I’m just thinking about the bag that Mom… No, the bag that Mrs.
Jiang gave me before.
It is still in room 1699.
I want to go back and get it.
Jiang picked it out for me for a long time.
I can’t bear to part with it.”

Xia Chun was stunned when she heard this.
After all, she was a child who she had raised for eighteen years.
She still had some compassion in her heart.

Jiang Lun saw Shen Xi’s expression.
Compared to the ungrateful look that Shen Xi had when she disowned them and referred to the Shen family as her parents, she was much more pleasing to the eye.
So he said in a deep voice, “Go and come back quickly.”

Shen Xi pretended to be upset and left the monitoring room.
The moment she left the room, her sad expression disappeared.
She put on a cold smile and quickly went to room 1699.

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