Xia Chun was so shocked that she immediately screamed.
Jiang Lun also felt his blood pressure rise instantly, and anger filled his chest.

Hao Zi and the others finally realized that something was wrong.
Weren’t the three people at the door the Jiang family they saw online now? Then why did the bitch underneath them call them “Mom and Dad”?

They looked at each other, quickly packed up, and prepared to leave.

“Stop!” Jiang Lun shouted angrily at them.

Xia Chun immediately went forward and casually pulled a quilt to cover Jiang Xue.
Her expression was absent-minded and full of disbelief.

Hao Zi and the others did not know what was going on either.
They could only stand there in a daze.

“Why did you do this!” Jiang Lun suppressed his anger.
He wanted to figure out the whole story first.

Hao Zi nervously swallowed his saliva.
“Shen Xue owed us a huge sum of money, more than five million yuan, and then said that she would use her body to pay us back.
We… We just collected the debt.”

“Did you take anything? Photos? Videos?” Jiang Lun was most afraid that if this matter was spread, it would completely destroy the Jiang family’s reputation.

Hao Zi did not understand the relationship between Shen Xue and the Jiang family, so for the sake of safety, he still said, “We’ve taken a video and sent it to one of our friends.
As long as we leave safely, we’ll delete it immediately.
If anything happens to us, it’s hard to say.”

After Hao Zi said that, he even showed Jiang Lun the video.
He was afraid that Jiang Lun would not believe him and kill them on the spot.

Jiang Lun knew that this was because the other party did not trust him.
Jiang Lun originally wanted to just deal with them someplace else.
He did not expect them to have a trick up their sleeves

“I don’t believe you.
Go and get the video.
I’ll keep the four of your friends.
When you show me face to face that you’ve deleted the video, I’ll let them go.” Jiang Lun’s face was terrifyingly gloomy.

Hao Zi thought for a while and said, “I don’t believe you either.
If you don’t let us leave, in an hour’s time, the video will be posted online.”

Hao Zi was very puzzled.
Why did Jiang Lun care so much about Shen Xue’s video? They clearly had different surnames? But now was not the time to think so much.

Hao Zi knew very well that this was the Jiang family’s hotel.
If they said the wrong thing, they might not even be able to leave the hotel.

“Alright, I’ll let you go.
But if you don’t delete the video when you go back, you will pay.
Also, leave your cell phones behind or smash them all right now.” Jiang Lun gritted his teeth angrily, his cheeks were even slightly trembling from the clenching of his teeth.
It could be seen how much anger he was suppressing.

Hao Zi and the others saw that the other party had compromised, so they chose to smash their cell phones on the spot.
After all, there were many unspeakable things stored in their cell phones.
Then, they ran out of the door dejectedly.

Jiang Lun saw that the few of them had left, so he picked up his phone and made a call.
“Get someone to follow the people who left room 1699.
Don’t let them find out.
Report to me if anything happens.”

After putting down the phone, Jiang Lun stared at Jiang Xue with a pair of scarlet eyes.
The suppressed anger surged out from his nostrils, and even the air that he exhaled was hot.
“More than five million? Why do you owe so much money?”

Xia Chun looked at her daughter and started to feel a little disappointed.
After all, she had been raised in a poor family for so many years.
Perhaps her character had also been raised poorly.
She was mixing around with such a lowly and dirty people and even had an indecent video of her filmed,

Jiang Xue was speechless, and she tried to bluff her way out by crying.

However, she did not expect that Jiang Lun would not fall for this trick at all.
His angry roar was deafening, and it was obvious that he could no longer suppress the violent emotions that had been stirred up in his body.

Jiang Xue was shocked by the shout, she cried miserably.
“I… I don’t owe that much.
I just borrowed a few hundred thousand yuan.
I didn’t expect them to be loan sharks.
In the end, I don’t know how it got to five million yuan.
It’s their fault.”

“You’re just a student.
Why do you need to borrow a few hundred thousand yuan?”

Ever since Jiang Lun picked up Jiang Xue, the clothes Jiang Xue was wearing were all cheap goods.
Jiang Lun really could not think of why Jiang Xue needed to buy to borrow so much money.

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