Reap What You Sow

Shen Xi collected her thoughts from her memories.
With an ignorant look, she asked, “Who is Shen Xue? Your enemy? Otherwise, why would she scheme against you? Once the Jiang family finds out about this, you will all probably be dead by tomorrow.”

“Damn it, bitch! How dare she set us up? I’ll call her right now and get her to explain herself!” Hao Zi immediately picked up his phone.

Shen Xi immediately stopped him.
“Wait, if you call her right now, won’t you alert her? If she dares to scheme against you like this, she might have someone powerful backing her up.”

Hao Zi sneered when he heard this.
“A student who owes money to loan sharks.
What backer could she possibly have?”

Shen Xi was immediately surprised.
“A student? Aiyo… I heard from brother Hui that you’re quite clever.
What happened to you? You actually let a student fool you.
If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to take this lying down.”

“That’s right, brother Hao Zi.
That woman is so ruthless.
We can’t let her off so easily.
Why don’t we do it to her instead? Didn’t she say that she would come and get the video herself after this?” The underling said angrily.

Hao Zi’s face revealed a fierce look.
He gritted his teeth and said fiercely, “Naturally, we’ll have to make her pay the price.”

Seeing that this matter was settled, Shen Xi also stood up and said, “Since I’m done with what I came here to do, I’ll leave first.
You guys can do what you want.
I won’t get involved.
Brother Hui is waiting for me.
Right, why don’t we exchange contact information? So that we can contact each other in the future?”

However, when Shen Xi picked up the phone, it seemed to have run out of battery.

Shen Xi sighed and said, “Sigh, I forgot to charge it.
How about next time? Brother Hui will be back in Rong City soon.
When that time comes, brother Hui and I will go over to your place for a drink.”

Hao Zi’s expression slowly changed, and he also stood up and said, “Help me thank brother Hui for today.”

Shen Xi clicked her tongue and said, “There’s no need for thanks.”

Shen Xi bid farewell to Hao Zi and the others, immediately lowered the brim of her hat, and left the hotel.

When she reached the public restroom, she climbed in through the window.
After changing back into the blue men’s clothes and the fisherman’s hat, she swaggered out and threw the black outfit away on the way back.

It had only been about an hour since she entered the public restroom.
If anyone found out about this, they would just think that this person had diarrhea.

Shen Xi returned to the tea room, removed her makeup and put on her clothes.
She put the blue men’s clothes in a black trash bag, then put it in a brand bag and brought it to the bathroom.
She threw the contents of the bag into the trash can.

When she returned to the tea room, Shen Xi obediently watched the video.

When it was about time, Shen Xi slowly walked out and deliberately walked past the surveillance cameras.

When she arrived at the hotel lobby, Shen Xi was 40 minutes late and bumped into the Jiang couple.

“Why are you here?” Jiang Lun was a little confused when he saw Shen Xi standing in the hotel lobby.

Jiang Xue had sent a message to Jiang Lun saying that Shen Xi was being bullied in their hotel and was even filmed indecent.
Why was Shen Xi still standing here? Could it be that it was over?

“Jiang Xue asked me to come over.” Shen Xi looked at the Jiang couple in confusion.

At this moment, the Jiang couple were also confused.

Xia Chun immediately had an annoyed look on her face.

Jiang Lun wanted to clarify this matter, so he went to the front desk, took the key card to Room 1699, and dragged Shen Xi over to take a look.
The room had not been checked out of yet, so the people must still be inside.

Shen Xi pretended to know nothing and let Xia Chun drag him to Room 1699.

The moment the door was opened, the three people outside were stunned.

Jiang Xue was lying naked under the five men.
There was not a single spot on her body that was not being touched by them.
When Hao Zi saw the people at the door, he arrogantly shook his lower body, making Jiang Xue moan a few times.
Hao Zi did not recognize the person at all.
It was the president of Kunlun Construction, Jiang Lun.

Shen Xi looked at the same scene as in her previous life, but the person in the middle had changed from her to Jiang Xue, and she felt extremely happy.

Jiang Xue brought this upon herself! If Jiang Xue had not plotted against Shen Xi, this incident would not have happened.

When the Jiang couple saw this scene, they were instantly dumbfounded.
They did not recognize that the woman was Jiang Xue.

It wasn’t until Jiang Xue turned her head and saw the people at the door that she cried out mournfully, “Mom, Dad, save me!”

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