Seeing that the few of them seemed to have realized the seriousness of the matter, Shen Xi picked up the cigarette on the table.
She leaned lazily against the back of her chair and started puffing.
Then, she glanced at Hao Zi and the others, she continued, “Brother Hui asked me to deliver news.”

When Hao Zi heard brother Hui, he was stunned.
After a while, he recalled that brother Hui might be the person whom he had helped before.
He heard that he had been developing in the neighboring city, but hadn’t they not been in contact for a long time?

“Huang Hui?” Hao Zi asked sneakily.

Shen Xi glared at him, she was so angry that she extinguished her cigarette in the ashtray.
“What Huang Hui? Brother Hui’s surname is Wang, and his name is Wang Hui.
To think that he was in a hurry to ask me inform you about the news.
He even knows that your name is Hao Zi, but you forgot about him.

After saying that, Shen Xi shook her head with a look of unworthiness for Wang Hui.
However, she secretly sighed in her heart.
Huo Xi was indeed very vigilant.

When he heard Shen Xi mention Wang Hui, the vigilance in his heart eased.
Yes, he was bluffing Shen Xi just now.

Hao Zi also sat down on another chair, relaxed, he smiled embarrassedly and said, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time.
We haven’t been in contact.
By the way, how did Hui know about this? Are you his…?”

At this point, Shen Xi was embarrassed.
“Obviously not.
If he knew how to contact you I wouldn’t have to rush all the way here.
Who am I? Brother Hui is just some guy in my house.”

At this point, Shen Xi was shy for a while, which made Hao Zi believe her even more.
The line of defense in his heart instantly disappeared.

Hui was gay and liked men who were effeminate.
At that time, while competing for a man, he offended a lady big shot.
Later, Hao Zi was the one who helped him get away.

No wonder this person sounded effeminate.
Seems like he is the bottom in the relationship.

Shen Xi continued, “Today, I accompanied him to attend his morning meeting.
At the meeting, someone said that Kunlun Construction’s young miss would be fooling around with a few hooligans in her own hotel, and that there would be a video later.
Everyone was so excited to watch the show.
Apparently, everyone even knew the hotel room number.”

“At that time, I was thinking, why would the young miss do such a thing? I was afraid that she was being schemed against by someone.”.
Brother Hui thought the same, so he wanted to send a message to Jiang Kunlun, or whatever his name is.”

“In the end, when he heard the name ‘Hao Zi’, Brother Hui didn’t dare to send the message.
Instead, he told me to immediately drive back to look for you.
I went to your house to look for you, but I couldn’t find you, so I came here to try my luck.
I didn’t expect you to really be here.
Speaking of which, if you want to do such a thing, you have to keep a low profile.
Why did you even leak the room number?”

When Hao Zi heard this, he roughly understood.
Damn it, that bitch had set him up.

“Brother Hao Zi, did that bitch Shen Xue leak the room number? We only told her about this hotel room number, and she was also the one who suggested recording a video.
She even said that she wanted a copy.
Did she think that if we were killed, she wouldn’t have to pay back the money? Since no one can threaten her anymore.” One of the lackeys recalled the phone call with Jiang Xue yesterday.

When Shen Xi heard this, she was overjoyed.
The lackey took the words out of her mouth

In her previous life, not long after Hao Zi died, Shen Xi was sent to prison.
Later on, a person called Wang Hui hired someone to cause trouble for her in prison.
Fortunately, Shen Xi teamed up with a prison bully, Jiao, and escaped.

In order to live to see her biological mother, she did not mind lowering her pride for a while.

The prison bully, Jiao, had a grudge against Wang Hui, so Jiao helped her and was willing to protect her.

Jiao, who was not in prison yet, used to be a big sister.
She raised a gigolo, but the gigolo got together with Wang Hui, so Jiao wanted to kill him.

In the end, Hao Zi helped Wang Hui escape.
Jiao wanted to kill Wang Hui, but she ended up being caught.

Therefore, when Jiao thought that Shen Xi had killed Hao Zi, she started to favor Shen Xi more and didn’t let others bully Shen Xi anymore.

It was because of this that Shen Xi knew that Wang Hui liked effeminate men.

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