Xiang Tian did not answer.
He only glared at his wife with anger in his eyes, wondering why she was so naive.

Was the contact information of the Guan family something that he could get just because he wanted it?

At this moment, he could not help but feel a little frustrated.
He must have been crazy when he was young.
He was attracted by beauty, married an empty-headed wife, and gave birth to an equally empty-headed idiot son.

Not only was his business not progressing well, but one was squandering while the other was dragging him down.
He was really fucking fed up.

In the room of the most luxurious villa in Hai City, a suppressed voice could be faintly heard in the dark and silent space.

The sleeping youth on the bed seemed to be deep in a nightmare.
His eyebrows were tightly furrowed, and fine beads of sweat dripped down his face.
His originally handsome face looked extremely anxious.

The youth tried his best to open his eyes, but all he could see was a vast expanse of whiteness.

Then, someone appeared.
It was the back of a girl.
The girl seemed to have sensed that someone was behind her.
She suddenly turned her head to look at the youth.
Her eyes were filled with fear, and she shouted, “Go, quickly!”

Before he could react, there was a “Boom” in front of him.
A billowing heat wave rushed at him rapidly.
He was instantly thrown into the air, and his internal organs felt as if they were exploding.
Then, he fell heavily to the ground.
The sound of bones breaking could be clearly heard.

Guan Lei suddenly opened his eyes.
His breathing was rapid, and he swallowed his saliva in fear.

Why was he having this dream again!

Guan Lei did not know what was wrong with him.
He had been having this dream repeatedly for the past few days.
The scary thing was that the dream felt extremely real.

Just as Guan Lei was calming himself down, there was a knock on the door.

Guan Lei took a few deep breaths and said, “Come in.”

The person who came saw that the room was dark.
He raised his hand and turned on the lights in the room.

Even though Guan Yan only turned on a relatively dim light, Guan Lei, who had just woken up, still blinked a few times trying to adjust to the sudden brightness.

Watching Guan Lei casually wipe the sweat off his face, Guan Yan sat on the chair beside the bed and asked with concern, “Did you have a nightmare?”

Guan Lei just nodded silently.
It had been like this for the past few days.
He had been trying to see the girl’s face, but he never succeeded.

He did not know what was going on, but he did not want to talk about it.
Otherwise, Guan Yan would make him see a psychiatrist again.

He was not sick, so he did not want to see a psychiatrist.

“How about…”

Guan Yan was just about to start persuading Guan Lei to see a doctor when he was interrupted by Guan Lei.
“Stop, I’m not going.”

Guan Yan could only sigh helplessly when he heard Guan Lei’s refusal.

“Oh right, how do you want to deal with the person who was at our hotel a few days ago?” Guan Yan recalled what his assistant had said, the Xiang family had been calling the whole day, so he asked Guan Lei.
After all, the person who had been provoked was Guan Lei.

Only then did Guan Lei remember the kid who provoked him.
He did not expect him to be so desperate so quickly.
He wasn’t any fun.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind.
He smiled and said to Guan Yan, “Let’s leave it like this.
There’s no point anymore.
I’ll take this matter into my own hands.”

Guan Yan looked at Guan Lei’s interested look and said gently, “Okay, whatever makes you happy.”

After Guan Yan said that, he got up and went out.
Before leaving, he said, “I’ll ask Mama Wang to cook a spirit-nourishing soup for you.
Remember to drink it.
It’ll help you sleep better.”

Guan Lei answered perfunctorily.
Then, as Guan Yan closed the door and went out, Guan Lei turned off the lights in the room again and continued to sleep under the blanket.

He wanted to see if he would have the same dream again.
He was determined to see the girl’s face.

The next morning, Jiang Xue, who had been so excited that she could not sleep the whole night, called Hao Zi early in the morning to check if they had already booked a hotel room.
Hearing that everything was going smoothly, Jiang Xue finally felt at ease and laid back in bed.
She fantasized about the scene of Shen Xi being abused.

At this moment, Shen Xi sent her a message.
“Have you picked up my parents? Which hotel will they be staying at? What’s the room number?”

Jiang Xue did not expect Shen Xi to be even more anxious than she was.
Then, she forwarded her the message that Hao Zi had sent her.
“Kunlun Hotel, 1669.”

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