The True Daughter of the Devil

Jiang Xue followed Shen Xi to her room with a caring and genial smile on her face.
She said comfortingly, “Xi, you can stay here.
As for your parents’ matter, it’s not that I didn’t want to tell you earlier, but I just wanted to give you a surprise.
I’ve brought your parents over.
They will be at the hotel around 2 pm tomorrow.
When the time comes, I’ll book the room.
I’ll give you the address and you can go over yourself.”

Shen Xi looked at Jiang Xue’s face, which was filled with relief and a smile.
It was exactly what happened in her previous life.
When she thought of her previous life, she remembered being so touched when she heard these words.
At this moment, she couldn’t help but curse herself in her heart, “Stupid.”

“Okay, I got it.
Thank you.
I’m a little tired and I want to rest,” Shen Xi said politely.

Jiang Xue felt a lump in her heart.
Shen Xi was already like this, yet she still wanted to leave.
It didn’t matter.
She would have a “great” time tomorrow.

“Okay then.
Have a good rest.
I’ll leave.” Jiang Xue left with an understanding look on her face.

Shen Xi went forward and locked the door of the room.
Then, she packed up some of her documents.
She didn’t care about her other things.
Of course, the Jiang family wouldn’t allow her to take them away.
After she dealt with tomorrow’s matter, she would return to the Shen family to meet her parents.

In her previous life, she had never seen what her parents looked like.

After she was gang raped, she was locked in the Jiang family’s basement.

Later, on the day she was let out of the basement, it turned out that Jiang Xue had killed someone.
The Jiang couple knelt in front of Shen Xi and asked her to take the blame for Jiang Xue.

The Jiang family had taken care of her for eighteen years, and they had indeed spent a lot of money to buy her gang rape video and even dealt with the people who bullied her.
Therefore, Shen Xi compromised and she was willing to take the blame.

However, on the day before she was sent to prison, Jiang Xue proudly told her everything.

At that time, Shen Xi was devastated to know that the person who was killed was actually her biological father, Shen Yi.
At that time, she wanted nothing more than to kill Jiang Xue, but what Jiang Xue said next forced her to calm down.

Her biological mother, Lu Shan, whom she had never met before, fell into a coma and needed money for her medical treatments.

Jiang Xue used this to threaten Shen Xi, telling her to obediently go to jail as her scapegoat.

Because of what happened to Shen Xi, the marriage agreement between the Jiang family and the Xiang family stagnated.
Xiang Cheng’s mother was not satisfied with a poor girl who had been wandering outside for more than ten years being her daughter-in-law, so she quickly found another girl for her son.

Therefore, Jiang Xue decided to try to get close to the Xiang family’s old master, Xiang Lao, who was the President of the Painter’s Association in Rong City and was also a master in this field.
Jiang Xue thought of the paintings in Shen Xi’s previous room.

During Shen Xi’s five years in prison, Jiang Xue used the psychiatrist as a bridge between the two of them and took all of Shen Xi’s works for herself.
She successfully wooed Xiang Lao and became his last disciple.

She portrayed herself as a well-read, well-mannered, and talented painter.
Xiang Cheng naturally began to like her.

After Shen Xi was released from prison, she found out that her mother, Lu Shan, had already woken up from her coma a year before she was released from prison.
However, Jiang Xue got hold of her immediately after she woke up

Jiang Xue was afraid that Shen Xi would no longer listen to her, so she wanted to find a place to lock Lu Shan up and use her to threaten Shen Xi.
However, she did not expect a car accident to happen along the way.
The four people in the car, including Lu Shan, died tragically.

When Shen Xi went to the hospital where Lu Shan was staying at, she only found the young nurse who had taken care of Lu Shan for four years.

The young nurse said that when Lu Shan woke up, she was taken away by force.
The person said that she was Lu Shan’s daughter.
Because it was the person who had been paying the medical fees, the hospital released her.

Lu Shan had left a suicide note, but the young nurse did not have time to give it to her before Lu Shan was taken away.
So, when Shen Xi met the young nurse, the young nurse handed the suicide note to her.

Although it was called a suicide note, it only had the words “Shen Xue ran over with her car” written on it.
There was nothing else.
It was likely that before she could write anything else, she was taken away.

The Shen couple did not even know that Jiang Xue was not their biological daughter before she killed them.
Up till her death, Lu Shan still did not understand why her daughter had killed her husband and even wanted to lock her up.

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