Staying with the Jiang Family

019 Staying with the Jiang Family

“Don’t worry, as long as you give me my parents’ contact information, I will leave immediately.” In her previous life, Shen Xi would still be frightened by the angry Jiang Lun, but in this life, he was just a clown to her.
She was not afraid.

After Shen Xi said that, she looked at Jiang Xue with a faint smile.

The heat had already caused sweat to appear on Shen Xi’s forehead, and her hair was slightly wet.
Even so, no one could see the state that she was in.

Jiang Xue wrung her hands with hatred.
Originally, she wanted to leave Shen Xi under the Sun for a while before she started her show.

However, seeing how Shen Xi was acting, Shen Xi would probably just leave.
Then, how would she carry out her plan?

Therefore, Jiang Xue quickly said in a gentle voice, “Dad, Mom, can you let Xi stay for a while to accompany me? Everything here is new to me.
I’m not familiar with the place.
I want a sister to accompany me.
Moreover, the Shen family is very poor.
Xi has had a certain standard of living for the past eighteen years.
She might not be able to adapt to her new environment so quickly.
So, let her stay for a while, okay?”

I can’t live with this ingrate a second longer.” Jiang Lun wanted to tear Shen Xi into pieces right now.
He just wanted to get rid of Shen Xi as soon as possible.
Out of sight, out of mind.

Shen Xi took his daughter’s place for eighteen years, living in luxury while his real daughter suffered.
The sullen feeling in his heart made him feel unsettled.

Xia Chun also did not agree, but when she saw her daughter looking at her with a disappointed expression, her heart suddenly softened.
She couldn’t reject such a small request of her daughter’s.

“Jiang Luo, Xue has come back to us.
This is the first time she has made a request to us.
Just agree, okay?” Xia Chun’s voice was soft, making Jiang Lun feel a little better.

Jiang Xue also came forward at the right time and shook Jiang Lun’s arms.
She pouted and said coquettishly, “Dad, please.
Just treat Shen Xi as a servant of the family and play with me only.
Is that okay?”

Jiang Xue’s soft and sweet coquettishness made Jiang Lun feel a lot better in an instant.
What she said was true.
He could just treat it as if he had raised a servant for the past eighteen years.

Jiang Lun glared at Shen Xi and said coldly, “For Xue, you can stay.
Serve her well.”

When Shen Xi heard Jiang Luo consider her as a servant, she sneered in her heart.
Jiang Xue had no idea what was in store for her.

“Thank you, Father.” Jiang Xue’s face was full of joy.
It broke the tense atmosphere and she appeared to be very happy.

The Jiang couple thought that their biological daughter was indeed a kind girl.
The guilt in their hearts toward Jiang Xue increased, and their hatred toward Shen Xi also deepened.

“In that case, Mama Lin, Xi… Shen Xi’s things should be moved to the guest room,” Jiang Lun instructed Mama Lin.
A servant was not worthy to live in such a grand room.

“There’s no need to trouble yourselves.
I’ll move out today.
Give me my parents’ contact information.” Shen Xi knew that Jiang Xue would not let her leave, but she just wanted to see Jiang Xue’s flustered look and tease her.

Sure enough, when Jiang Xue heard Shen Xi’s words, she immediately panicked.
If Shen Xi left, she might not be able to find her later.
Thus, she immediately said, “Don’t be like this.
It’s only for a few days.”

When Mama Lin heard this, she felt that her chance to show her worth had come, she immediately went forward and said fawningly, “Young Miss, it’s no trouble.
I promise to clean up well for you.
I’ll definitely clean up any traces of dirty things for you.”

Hearing this, Jiang Xue felt a little better in her heart.
However, what Mama Lin said was not something that would help her agenda, so she glared fiercely at Mama Lin, scaring her so much that she immediately shut her mouth.

“Dad, you promised me okay.”

In the end, under Jiang Xue’s persuasion, Shen Xi continued staying with the Jiang family.

Although the plan was for her to stay for a few days, she would actually only be staying for one night because tomorrow was the day that Shen Xi would be lured to the hotel.

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