Paternity Test

After that, Shen Xi was locked in the basement, and the video fell into the hands of Jiang Xue.
Whenever Jiang Xue was in a bad mood, she would show Mama Lin the video of Shen Xi to show her Shen Xi’s shameful side.

It was not until she was in prison that Shen Xi found out that it was Jiang Xue who owed the five men money, and it was also Jiang Xue who sold her out in exchange for her freedom.

Later on, when the five people came to the Jiang family with the video to threaten them, Jiang Xue bought it immediately.

She thought that the Jiang family had saved her, but in reality, what happened to her was the Jiang family’s doing.

Shen Xi tightly held Jiang Xue’s student ID in her hand.
Her eyes were cold and sharp, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.
She revealed a cruel and bloodthirsty ruthlessness, just like a demon warrior who had been through hundreds of battles.

Shen Xi was ready to win this time.

The next few days, Jiang Xue was inexplicably well-behaved.
She practically avoided all the places where Shen Xi would be.
After Shen Xi returned home from school, Jiang Xue would stay in her room obediently.
Then during the day, she would go shopping with Xia Chun.
She would shop for various brands of clothing, bags, accessories, and cosmetics.

Jiang Xue excitedly took all kinds of photos and stored them in her phone.
She waited patiently for the results of the paternity test to come out.

Finally, the day came.

The moment the Jiang family’s door opened, Shen Xi deftly hid to the side.
Sure enough, a rag bag was thrown out.
It was the gray rag bag that Jiang Xue had brought with her that day.

In her previous life, at this point, she still didn’t know what was going on.
She was hit by the rag bag and even got bruises.

Jiang Lun did not expect Shen Xi to dare to hide.
The raging anger in his heart could not be calmed.
He threw the paternity test result document in his hands at Shen Xi.

Shen Xi remained unperturbed.
She did not grab the document.
She allowed the few pieces of paper to slide off her body.
Then, she slowly brushed the clothes on her body as if she was flicking away dirt.

In her previous life, she had looked at the paternity test reports on the ground several times in disbelief.
There were not only Jiang Xue’s paternity test reports, but also Shen Xi’s.
After all, the idea of raising someone else’s daughter was a very hard-to-believe matter.

Jiang Xue stood at the side and looked at Shen Xi, looking forward to watching Shen Xi cry miserably.

In the end, Shen Xi stood at the bottom of the steps.
Her eyebrows were frivolous, and she indifferently glanced at the few people standing on the steps.

There were the furious Jiang couple, Jiang Xue, who was looking at her arrogantly, and Mama Lin, who had already turned against her.
Finally, her limpid eyes landed on Jiang Xue.
She asked, “What about my parents’ contact information?”

Actually, Shen Xi had already gone to Jiang Xue’s school.
She already knew where her biological parents lived.
But now, she did not want to leave so soon.
She could not give up such a great opportunity to get her revenge.

Jiang Lun stared at the calm Shen Xi with his mouth agape.
They had raised Shen Xi for eighteen years, but Shen Xi did not even show any emotion on her face.
She even asked about her biological parents.

Jiang Lun could not believe his eyes.
His heart was burning with anger.
He raised his hand to slap Shen Xi’s face.

Shen Xi seemed to have foreseen what he wanted to do and quickly retreated to avoid the slap.

Jiang Lun missed and he staggered a few steps forward.
Fortunately, Jiang Xue and Xia Chun caught him in time, or he would have fallen down the stairs.

Jiang Lun, who had managed to stabilize himself, could not help but shout, “Bastard, we raised you for eighteen years.
You ingrate, how can you call other people your ‘parents’ so easily? Where is your conscience? Even a dog would be more filial than you.”

“You raised me, and my parents raised your daughter.
This is called fairness.
I don’t owe you anything.
Since I’m not your daughter, Mr.
Jiang, I advise you to control your temper and not hit me.
I am not afraid to sue you.” Shen Xi was neither servile nor overbearing.
She looked directly at Jiang Lun without any fear.

“Get lost.
Get out of my house right now.” Jiang Lun was so angry that the veins on his forehead bulged.
He roared at Shen Xi.

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