The Situation at the Hotel

“Okay, bring her out to meet us first.”

After receiving an affirmative reply, Jiang Xue’s nervous shoulders suddenly relaxed, and she took a few deep breaths happily.

When she finished planning with Huo Zi, the corners of Jiang Xue’s mouth curled.
In the darkness, her two rows of sharp teeth flashed with a white light like sharp blades, perfect to rip someone apart.

In another room in the villa, Shen Xi looked at Jiang Xue’s student ID in her hand.
On it was written: Rong City No.
6 High School, Grade 12, Class 8, Shen Xue.

Shen Xi’s expression went from confusion to clarity, and then tears fell from her wide eyes.
After a while, she laughed self-mockingly.
She was so stupid in her previous life.
Finding her biological parents… It was clearly such a simple thing.

In her previous life, she knew that Jiang Xue was a student in Grade 12, Class 8 of Rong City No.
6 High School.
Shen Xi only had to go to Jiang Xue’s class and ask about her parents casually.
Why did she think that getting her biological parents’ contact information from Jiang Xue was the only way to find her biological parents?

In her previous life, the result of the paternity test came out after Shen Xi finished the end-of-term safety education class at school.
When she returned home, it was noon.
The moment the door opened, her luggage was thrown out.
Then, she learned that she was not the Jiang family’s biological daughter.

The news completely shocked Shen Xi.
She was completely dumbfounded.

Unable to believe this fact, Shen Xi begged the Jiang couple to stop joking around.
But in the end, the door that was always open to her slowly closed in front of her eyes, extinguishing her last glimmer of hope.

She remembered that it was a scorching summer day.
She stood foolishly in the Jiang family’s courtyard until she felt dizzy, her ears ringing, and she fainted from heat stroke.

When she woke up again, Shen Xi was finally able to accept it calmly.
She didn’t think about anything.
She just wanted to leave the house as soon as possible.
However, when she asked for the contact details of her biological parents, Jiang Xue stuttered.

Then, things took a turn for the better.
Jiang Xue said that she had just arrived at the Jiang family and wasn’t used to it.
She was also afraid that Shen Xi wouldn’t be used to the life of a poor person, so she discussed with Xia Chun and the others and asked Shen Xi to stay in the Jiang family to accompany her.

However, Shen Xi had already sorted out her emotions at that time and rejected Jiang Xue’s proposal.
In the end, Xia Chun said that she could not bear to part with Shen Xi and asked her to stay for a while in account of their eighteen years as mother and daughter.
That was why Shen Xi stayed.

During that period, Shen Xi had mentioned to Jiang Xue more than once that she wanted the contact details of her biological parents, but Jiang Xue always gave her excuses.

In the end, Jiang Xue finally relented and said that she had picked up the Shen couple, Shen Xi’s biological parents, and sent them to a hotel.
Then, she gave her the hotel room number.
Jiang Xue also said that she did not give her the contact details earlier because she wanted to give her a surprise.

At that time, when Shen Xi heard Jiang Xue say this, she was very grateful.
She thought that Jiang Xue person was very kind.
However, she did not expect the following events.

That day, Shen Xi pushed open the door of the hotel room.
What greeted her was not her biological parents, but five wretched men.
In that dark and chaotic hotel room, everything was stinky and dirty.
She was violated by those five men.
They even filmed her being gang raped.

When Shen Xi was naked and surrounded by the five men, the Jiang couple and Jiang Xue suddenly pushed the door open.
The five men were indifferent as they threatened the Jiang couple for money.

The Jiang couple’s faces were full of shock and anger, and Jiang Xue’s face was also full of worry.
So much so that Shen Xi later thought that it was Jiang Xue and the Jiang couple who had saved her.

The five people said that Shen Xi owed them money and promised to sell her body to pay them back.
If they did not want this video to be released, then they would have to buy it.
Shen Xi cried and explained that what they were saying was not true.

However, the Jiang couple didn’t believe her.

The Jiang couple were very proud people.
In the corporate world, everyone knew Shen Xi’s face.
If word got out, the Jiang family would be humiliated.
Therefore, they spent a lot of money to buy the video and repay the five men.

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