vanished, replaced by the wretched scheming of a mad scientist.
He clung to Guan Lei like a leech, saying, “Young Master Guan, why didn’t you tell me you were coming? Come, come.
Take a seat.”

Guan Lei frowned.
He really could not imagine why Zheng Huai would be here.

“There’s no need.
I’m not here to look for you,” Guan Lei refused.

Zheng Huai did not care who Guan Lei was looking for.
So long as he could catch this invaluable specimen for his research, all else could take a back seat.

Slowly, inch by inch, Zheng Huai wormed his way closer to Guan Lei, trying to secure a better hold to subdue his unruly guinea pig.
Just as Zheng Huai attempted to secure his hold, Guan Lei clamped his hand in a vice.

Guan Lei had used 70% of his strength, causing Zheng Huai to wail in pain.
“Guan Lei, let go! It hurts!”

Guan Lei snorted coldly and warned, “If there’s a next time, it won’t just be a matter of pain.
I’ll turn you into a cripple!”

Zheng Huai pouted, feeling extremely wronged, “Guan Lei, you don’t know how to appreciate a good person’s heart.
I’m doing this for your good, yet you still treat me with scorn.
No one else has any hope of curing your illness.
You disregard my good intentions because you view me through a tainted lens!”

Guan Lei’s eyes frosted over.
He could not be bothered to deal with a wretch like Zheng Huai.

Just as Zheng Huai was about to continue convincing Guan Lei, a commotion outside interrupted them.
A host of female students barged into the infirmary, surrounding Zheng Huai at the centre.
Each student grabbed and tugged, shouting the many symptoms they were experiencing.

“Doctor Zheng, I just fell.
Take a look.
It hurts so much!”

“Doctor Zheng, my chest is always tight.
I think I’m sick.
Please take a look at me!”

“Doctor Zheng, they’re all fine.
Please take a look at me first.
My illness is serious!”

“Doctor Zheng, they’re all faking it.
I’m the one who’s sick.
I’m lovesick!”

“Doctor Zheng, I think I have heatstroke.
I’m a little dizzy.
Hold on to me.
I… Ah! Whoever it is pushing me, prepare yourself for death!”

With each cry growing louder than the last, the female students who had arrived to see Zheng Huai fought for his attention.
Unsurprisingly, Zheng Huai, trapped in the middle as he was, became collateral damage.

“Don’t grab my hair, don’t pull my clothes, don’t…” Zheng Huai’s terrified voice was lost in the sea of voices.


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