166 Help From a Stranger

Jiang Xue’s voice attracted the attention of the entire class.
Shen Xi shrugged and said, “Am I arrogant? I don’t think so.
On the contrary, Jiang Xue, I hope you won’t be the next person made to offer me a formal apology.”

Jiang Xue clenched her fists, her manicured fingernails piercing her palms.
She looked at Shen Xi with eyes on the verge of spewing fire.

“Student Jiang Xue, what are you doing? Do you want to make a formal apology too?” The English teacher, Lin Li, noticed the look Jiang Xue sported, speaking up in Shen Xi’s defence before a fight could break out.

Jiang Xue was so angry she shouted at Lin Li, “Teacher Lin, can’t you see that Shen Xi is looking for trouble, not me?”

“Teacher Lin, I was about to clean the whiteboard when Jiang Xue stopped me.
She thought I was up to no good, implying that I had done something to Liu Cheng and decided to make things difficult for me,” Shen Xi retorted.

Lin Li was aware of Liu Cheng’s apology; practically everyone in school had watched the broadcast.
In any case, Shen Xi was her favourite student, so the choice of whose side she would rather believe was a no-brainer.
“Jiang Xue, if you are unhappy with the school’s handling of things, you can take it up with the principal or the board of directors.
Don’t go causing trouble for your peers.”

“Jiang Xue may have been angry, but she still had the presence of mind to argue her point, “Teacher Lin, Shen Xi was the one who came over to provoke me.
Ask anyone around; I’m sure they would be more than willing to corroborate my story.
Aren’t you playing favourites by siding with Shen Xi without hearing the whole picture?”

Jiang Xue turned to Su Ni, hoping for backup.

Su Ni met Jiang Xue’s gaze but immediately looked away, pretending she had not seen anything.
Su Ni had decided to stay clear of anything related to Shen Xi, the enigmatic figure who was more than she seemed.

The rest of the class watched the spectacle unfold.
They had only heard Jiang Xue yelling at Shen Xi.
Whether or not Shen Xi had provoked her was a question none of them could answer, so they kept silent.
After all, it was always best to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Shen Xi sneered, “Jiang Xue may not have proof that I provoked her, but I have evidence to show that she threatened me!”

She retrieved her phone and opened the message Jiang Xue had sent her, handing the evidence to Lin Li.

Lin Li glanced at it and snorted in disdain.
“Ganging up with your classmates to bully Shen Xi… Jiang Xue, perhaps you should make a formal apology too since you seem so dissatisfied with how the school has judged the matter.”

Lin Li was aware of Jiang Xue’s status.
She was the eldest daughter of Kunlun Construction – but so what? Although her family background was not as great as Jiang Xue’s, at least she was someone with principles.
She was not afraid of the arrogant, despotic eldest daughter of Kunlun Construction!

Jiang Xue’s eyes burned red from anger.
She did not know what to say, or rather, there was nothing she could say since she had sent the damning message.

Flopping back into her seat, Jiang Xue sulked hatefully.

Meanwhile, in the principal’s office, Liu Xie walked out of the camera’s line of sight and stood beside Zheng Huai.
He began ingratiating himself with the young doctor, asking, “Doctor Zheng, we’ve done as you instructed.
Is it to your satisfaction?”

Zheng Huai sipped his tea, putting his cup down on the saucer before responding, “Hold on a minute.
I shall ask my younger cousin whether she’s satisfied.”

Liu Xie quickly nodded, bowing his head in understanding as he watched Zheng Huai send a message on his phone.
He prayed with all his heart that Shen Xi would let the matter rest.

When Shen Xi returned to her seat, she received an unfamiliar text message.
It said, “Are you satisfied with the Liu family’s apology? If you aren’t satisfied, you can tell me what else needs to be done.”

At first, Shen Xi had thought Lu Lin was helping her, but now she was unsure.
Lu Lin would not have texted her using an unknown number if he truly was responsible for the Liu family’s formal apology.

If not Lu Lin, who could it be?

[ Who are you? ] Shen Xi sent a text bearing the question.

[ You don’t need to concern yourself with who I am.
I don’t mean any harm.
You need only answer whether you are satisfied with the outcome.
If you aren’t, I shall extract a greater price from the Liu family.

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