165 A Father and Daughter’s Apology

Liu Xie’s slap caused Liu Cheng’s tears to flow down her cheeks.
She continued to read with a choked voice, “First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Shen Xi for her teachings and mercy.
Shen Xi has been nothing but kind, trying to break my habit of saying evil things…”

Shen Xi choked, spitting out the water she was drinking upon hearing Liu Cheng’s self-admonishment.

Beside her, Zhao Yuan slammed her fist into the desk and laughed uproariously.
She laughed so hard that she could not even sit straight, gasping by the end.
“Shen Xi, when did you teach such a respectful young lady as Liu Cheng? Haha! I’m going to die from laughter.
Who on earth wrote that note? It’s too much!”

The rest of the class followed suit, laughing at Liu Cheng’s expense.
It was the first time any of them had heard of an apology that castigated the one offering it to such an extent.
Liu Cheng’s apology was broadcast throughout the whole school, and both students and teachers witnessed Liu Cheng’s complete humiliation.

Shen Xi shook her head helplessly.
She never imagined anyone would stoop so low, throwing away all semblance of dignity in making an apology.
It almost made her feel sorry for Liu Cheng.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Shen Xi wondered who could have made Liu Cheng and Liu Xie embarrass themselves to this extent.

In fact, after knowing that her father had beaten Liu Xie yesterday, Shen Xi had planned to find her cousin Lu Lin today to resolve this matter.
She wanted to ensure she would not be expelled because of her father’s stunt and to borrow the Lu family’s influence to hinder the Liu family if they made any further attempts against her or her parents.

After all, no matter how powerful the Liu family was, they were not more powerful than the Lu Financial Group.

If she asked for help using her name, Shen Xi believed her grandfather would not make things difficult for her parents.

Who would have thought she would receive a formal apology from the Liu family instead?

Shen Xi was almost certain Lu Lin had done something to suppress the Liu family and help her.

Liu Cheng’s apology eventually came to a close.
No sooner had she done so did Liu Xie fish out a piece of paper from his pocket.

Liu Xie coughed awkwardly as he addressed the camera.
“My daughter is unruly, and her words are vulgar.
In her ignorance, she slandered you and profaned your parents.
For that, I humbly apologise.
The fault rests with me for failing to discipline my daughter properly…”

“Tsk tsk”, Zhao Yuan could not stop shaking her head.
“I’m afraid Liu Cheng’s days ahead aren’t going to be easy.”

Shen Xi surveyed the class.
Her classmates all had their phones out, recording Liu Cheng’s hour of humiliation.
She sighed but agreed with Zhao Yuan’s assessment.

Su Ni secretly heaved a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, she had made amends in time.
Otherwise, she, Su Ni, and the Su family would have lost face today.

Jiang Xue gritted her teeth as she glanced at Shen Xi.

She had thought it would be a simple task chasing Shen Xi out of Zhuo Ying High School using Liu Cheng’s father.
She did not think the Liu family patriarch would be so useless.

Not only Liu Cheng but her whole family had now lost face in front of the school, its teachers and students.
They were utterly worthless!

Jiang Xue did not have a chance to school her features before Shen Xi looked her way, catching her red-handed.

Shen Xi quirked a delicate brow; a provocation Jiang Xue could not stand, her face turning purple from anger.

Still, Jiang Xue comforted herself.
Shen Xi was just lucky.
Next time, she would ensure Shen Xi would suffer a blow she would never recover from.

Being young and naïve, she sent Shen Xi a message saying, “Don’t get too cocky.
Liu Cheng won’t let you off so easily.”

Shen Xi read the message and trekked over to Jiang Xue’s desk.
She leaned down and whispered in Jiang Xue’s ear, “Don’t think for a second that you can deal with me using Su Ni and Liu Cheng.
You three are bumbling fools.
You can’t beat me, so don’t embarrass yourself further by continuing this charade.”

Jiang Xue shot to her feet, anger warring with humiliation, as she shouted, “Shen Xi! Your arrogance knows no bounds!”


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