163 Shen Corporation

An imminent sense of doom seemed to exude from all the pores of his body.
Liu Xie grovelled, grabbing the hem of Zheng Huai’s pants as he wailed, “It was all a misunderstanding! Just now… just now, I was possessed by a ghost.
Yes! Please don’t believe a word I said earlier; it was all nonsense! Why would I lay a hand on your esteemed aunt and uncle? A misunderstanding, yes, yes…”

Sun Ling watched the scene unfold with a sense of bewilderment.
She did not know what had happened to cause Liu Xie, the arrogant prick, to perform a one-eighty in his attitude such that he was now fawning over the young doctor like a dog.

Zhenghai Group? The Zheng family? She was just a teacher; she didn’t know all the big names in finance or what was happening before her eyes.

The one thing she did manage to confirm, however, was that Shen Xi would be fine.
Liu Xie did not look like he had the energy or the courage to make things difficult for Shen Xi anymore.
Shen Xi was not going to be expelled.
She still had hope of defeating Class 1 through Shen Xi.

Sun Ling’s mood improved greatly when she reached that conclusion.

Like everyone else in the room, Li Hai’s heart was in turmoil.
What kind of luck did he possess such that two scions of the three major financial powers in the country would attend his school?

One was Guan Lei from the Guan Group, and the other was Shen Xi from the Shen Corporation.
All he needed was someone from the Lu Financial Group to complete the set.

Li Hai could not have known that all three had already gathered in the same room.
It was just that few knew of Lu Shan’s elopement with Shen Yan.

Everyone only knew that the successor of the Lu Financial Group, Lu Shan, was abroad and that the successor of Shen Corporation had run away from home.
No one could have expected the feuding Lu and Shen families would tie the knot through their successors, giving rise to the culmination of their hopes in Shen Xi.

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, you should apologise to Shen Xi.
My cousin may seem meek and easy to bully, but let me make this clear: To step on her is to step on the Shen and Zheng families.
We aren’t so easy to bully,” Zheng Huai snorted coldly, issuing his warning.

Liu Xie’s cheerless expression transformed into a blinding smile.
“Yes, yes.
That’s as it should be.
The fault lies with us.
I shall have my rebellious daughter apologise to Miss Shen immediately!” He simpered.

“If there’s nothing else, you should head home and write a reflection.
I still have matters to discuss with the principal.” Zheng Huai nodded, pleased by Liu Xie’s sensible behaviour.

Liu Xie responded as if he had been relieved of a great burden.
“Of course.
Please excuse me; I’ll take my leave.”

The speed with which Liu Xie fled was impressive, considering his limp.
He feared that if he were a step slower, Zheng Huai would change his mind and bring ruin to his Liu family.

The scene was something out of a fairytale.
Had she not seen it for herself, Sun Ling would never have believed such an outrageous turnaround could occur.
With an audible click, Sun Ling shut her gaping mouth and sighed.
She was glad Shen Xi’s family possessed some clout, or things would have gone sour quickly.

Although she had not heard of the Zheng family before, its existence had to be greater than the Liu family’s, judging from Liu Xie’s reaction.

With the matter resolved, there was nothing for her to do, so Sun Ling quickly excused herself.

Principal Li swallowed nervously.
Inviting Zheng Huai to sit down and pour him a cup of tea took him longer than was appropriate.

“Principal Li, I’ll get straight to the point.
I’ve come to your school to conduct a psychological assessment of your students, though mainly for those in their senior years.
In return, I’m willing to provide free counselling for the school’s students,” Zheng Huai proposed his plans.

Li Hai agreed without much thought.
Having a certified, board-approved counsellor on hand was not a bad idea.
Perhaps speaking to the good doctor would alleviate some of his senior students’ stressors as they prepared for the college entrance exams.
Whichever way he looked, he only saw the benefits hiring such an accomplished professional could bring.

Zheng Huai was a medical genius, not some quack doctor.
Furthermore, he was a professor from a top university abroad.
No other school could invite such a skilled professional into their fold.
The school would be the envy of all its peers!

With Li Hai’s approval, Zheng Huai soon had his own office in the school’s infirmary.
A long line of female students had formed before he could open his office’s doors.

“Xixi, you weren’t here yesterday, so you might not know that there’s a new doctor in school.
He was here looking for Guan Lei.
He was so handsome…” Zhao Yuan gushed, her mind obsessed with Zheng Huai.

Shen Xi laughed.
“Didn’t you say you loved Lu Lin the most? How could you have eyes for another man after professing your love for another?”

Zhao Yuan hastily covered Shen Xi’s mouth and said, “Don’t spout nonsense.
My life still belongs to Lu Lin! Can’t a girl admire more than one guy? Sheesh! It’s not a big deal.”

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