162 The Zheng Family of Beijing

“Just take my car and go back,” Lu Lin said.

They had not gone far when Zheng Huai, who had come looking for Guan Lei, rounded the corner.

Zheng Huai did not expect to meet someone from the Lu family.
It was an odd situation.
Could the Lu family have contacted his cousin?

He shook himself out of his thoughts and entered the principal’s office.

Li Hai was well and truly exhausted and slumped in his chair, while Sun Ling had to support a half-dead Liu Xie to the sofa.
Even then, Liu Xie found the energy to curse, “I’m going to find someone to kill him and turn Shen Xi into an orphan!”

When Zheng Huai heard Liu Xie’s words, his eyes narrowed dangerously, his words carrying a frigid edge, “What did you say?”

Liu Xie was startled by Zheng Huai’s interruption.
He squinted her swollen eyes, sizing up the newcomer.

Principal Li eyed the young man warily and asked, “You are…?”

Zheng Huai greeted the principal, introducing himself, “My name is Zheng Huai.
I’m the new school doctor.”

Upon hearing that Zheng Huai was just the school doctor, Liu Xie sneered, regaining his arrogant bearing.
“The school doctor? Well, what are you waiting for? Come and examine my injuries now! You’re nothing more than the school doctor, yet you have the nerve to take that tone with me.
Li Hai, are all your staff so unruly?”

Liu Xie’s disdain for everyone around him was palpable.
Though his condescension angered Li Hai, the Principal of Zhuo Ying High School swallowed his retort, remaining silent.

Zheng Huai, on the other hand, graced Liu Xie with a smile that was not a smile.
If he was not mistaken, Liu Xie had said he wanted to make Shen Xi an orphan.
He was courting death!

Zheng Huai approached Liu Xie, asking softly, “Would you like me to have a look at your injury?”

A snort of derision echoed in the oppressive silence, “What? Do you not understand what I’m saying? I… Ahh!”

Not waiting for Liu Xie to finish his sentence, Zheng Huai pressed his hand against Liu Xie’s wound, squeezing him hard enough to elicit tremulous screams.

Sun Ling sighed, more tired than she had been in a while.
Liu Cheng’s father had a mouth that only ever caused trouble.
He had just been beaten to the ground by Shen Xi’s father, grovelling at the other man’s feet.
Now here he was, stirring the pot again!

Liu Xie had offended the new school doctor in no time at all.
If he was not doomed to disaster, she did not know what was.

“Brat, do you know who I am? I am the President of the Liu Corporation.
You, a mere doctor hired by the school, dare to offend me? I’ll ensure you die in a ditch without knowing how you died!”

Zheng Huai simply smiled.
“Is that so? I’m so scared! If revenge is what you seek, you’re more than welcome to pit yourself against me.
The Zheng family of Beijing is not afraid of Rongcheng’s Liu family.”

Liu Xie felt like he had been slapped.
The Zheng family of Beijing? Which Zheng family was he talking about?

Sun Ling listened, mildly confused by the exchange.
What kind of entity was the Zheng family of Beijing?

Li Hai’s eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.
The Zheng family of Beijing? Was it the Zheng family he was thinking of? He was supposed to be transferred to a private school in Beijing as its new principal.
It was an elite school under the Shen family of Beijing.

He managed to snag the position only through the Zheng family, which was related to the financial powerhouse.
Someone by the name of Zheng Huai had facilitated the transfer.
Now that he thought about it… Was not the Zheng family scion a medical fanatic?

Cautiously, Li Hai asked, “May I know what is your relationship with Zheng Feng of the Zhenghai Group?”

Zheng Huai glanced at Li Hai and replied, “Zheng Feng is my father.”

Li Hai barely stifled his gasp of shock.
Liu Xie was no better.
Zheng Feng of the Zhenghai group was the CEO of the Shen Corporation’s son-in-law.
Then… Didn’t that make the young man before him the next-in-line for the Shen Corporation?

Liu Xie felt weakness set in, and he collapsed on the sofa.
He was done for.
A giant like the Shen Corporation need only wave a hand to crush the family business he had built up from scratch.
The thought alone was enough to leave him trembling.

Zheng Huai regarded Liu Xie with contempt.
Someone like him who bullied the weak but feared the strong did not deserve pity, more so since he dared hold evil intentions against his uncle, Shen Yan.
Liu Xie would never learn if he did not give the arrogant man a lesson in humility.

“I heard you say you wanted to turn my cousin, Shen Xi, into an orphan.
Am I right to believe that you intend harm upon my Aunt and Uncle?” Zheng Huai inquired gloomily.

Shen Xi? Cousin? Uncle? Liu Xie’s heart trembled, the disparate dots connecting.
Shen Xi’s surname was Shen, and Zheng Huai had called her his cousin.
Didn’t that mean Shen Xi’s father was the Shen Corporation’s successor who had run away from home for more than ten years, whose whereabouts were unknown, and who had yet to return?

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