161 Beating Up Liu Xie

While Zhao Yuan wallowed in despair, a man in a white coat came knocking at the door.
“I’m sorry for the interruption, but may I know if Guan Lei is here?”

The person at the door was Zheng Huai.
His handsome appearance instantly caused a stir among the students of her class.

“Is he a new teacher? He’s dashing!” A girl giggled.

“You dolt! Can’t you see he’s wearing a white coat? He must be a new doctor,” another girl chided.

“Oh my god! He’s my new prince charming!” A girl crowed.

“Ah… He looks so cultured, so refined.
I can’t tear my eyes away from him,” swooned yet another girl.

The teacher in front of the whiteboard took in Zheng Huai’s warm and gentle appearance and said, “Oh, Guan Lei is not around…”

Before she could finish her sentence, a female student of hers interjected, “Guan Lei went to the principal’s office!”

Zhao Yuan wanted to correct her classmate and inform Zheng Huai that Guan Lei had already left.
It was a shame the handsome young doctor was too impatient and disappeared as soon as he got the information he wanted.

Presently, Shen Xi, Lu Lin, and Lu Shan were the only ones outside the principal’s office.

Lu Shan held Shen Xi’s hand and said to Lu Lin, “Lu Lin, this is your cousin, Shen Xi.
Xixi, say hello to your cousin, Lu Lin.”


Shen Xi smiled, saying, “Mum, we know.”

Lu Shan was taken aback by this revelation.
“Really? When did this happen?” she asked.

“Don’t you remember me asking you if Grandpa adopted a son and whether Uncle had a child? This was during our school’s anniversary when Lu Lin appeared as a mystery guest…”

Shen Xi suddenly stopped.
She did not know how to tell her mother that she had spoken to her maternal grandfather.

Lu Lin perceived Shen Xi’s hesitation and spoke up on her behalf, “Grandpa has already met Xixi.”

A hush descended, which broke when Lu Shan asked, “How is your Grandpa? Is he doing well?” Lu Shan spoke in halting tones that felt quite unnatural.

“He is fine.
However, he isn’t as strong as he used to be,” Lu Lin sighed.

Sometimes, he would stare off into space when he thought no one was looking, trapped in a haze of memories the picture of his aunt evoked.
Lu Lin did not reveal the rest, however.
He did not want to upset his aunt, who he had finally spoken to after so many years apart.

Even so, Lu Shan felt a wave of sorrow wash over her.

A shrill scream interrupted their heartfelt moment, followed by the sounds of tables and chairs crashing to the ground.
What could have happened?


Worried for her father, Shen Xi almost opened the door to see what was happening.
However, her mother stopped her.
“Believe in your father.
He will settle things,” Lu Shan said, having complete faith in Shen Yan.

Shen Xi frowned and cursed in her heart.
Where did her mother gain such inexplicable confidence in her father? Her father could be receiving a beating in the principal’s office for all she knew!

Meanwhile, in the principal’s office, Liu Xie was pinned to the ground by Shen Yan, his well-groomed attire crumpled and stained.

“Shen Yan, you’d better beat me to death, or I’ll make sure no school in Rongcheng will take her after she is expelled,” he roared.
Liu Xie could only hurl threats at Shen Yan since he did not have the high ground.

Shen Yan smirked, undeterred by Liu Xie’s threats.
“I see.
I suppose that means I should act a little more ruthlessly,” he murmured.

No sooner had he said as much than he fiercely tugged Liu Xie by his hair.
Principal Li and Sun Ling were so frightened by the display of violence that they rushed forward, trying to pull Shen Yan away.
“Mr Shen, please calm down! Violence isn’t the answer,” they persuaded in near unison.

“This man plans on making my daughter suffer, forcing her to kneel and admit to a wrong she did not commit.
Why should I go easy on him? Unhand me!” Shen Yan sneered as he tried to wrench himself free.

Li Hai managed to retain his grip on Shen Yan, little good that it did, but Sun Ling was not so lucky.
Shen Yan easily pushed her aside.
Those who worked on farms needed to be strong.
Paper-pushers like Sun Ling and Li Hai weren’t a match for Shen Yan’s raw strength.
Helpless, the two could only watch as Shen Yan ruthlessly beat up Liu Xie.

“People must be strong so that others won’t take advantage of them – that is what you said, isn’t it?” Shen Yan taunted, using Liu Xie’s words against him.

Shen Xi nearly died from anxiety waiting for her father to exit the principal’s office.
She heaved a sigh of relief when he finally stepped out with no visible wounds on him.
He merely looked a little unkempt.

She tried looking inside, but her father stopped her.
“Don’t look.
It’s not a pleasant sight.
Let’s go home.
I’ve already requested a leave of absence from Teacher Sun and your principal,” he said.

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