160 Lu Lin Recognises His Aunt

Shen Xi nodded and said, “Hurry up and go.
I will be fine.”

Guan Lei nodded, taking his leave.

Lu Lin, the last to leave the principal’s office, greeted Lu Shan as ‘Aunt’ as he was about to exit.
The unexpected form of address startled Lu Shan, and she sized up the young man suspiciously.

With high hopes that Lu Shan would remember him, Lu Lin said, “Aunt Lu, it’s me, Lu Lin! It’s the nickname you gave me when I was a child.
It is my stage name now.”

Recognition sparked in Lu Shan’s eyes, and fresh tears began flowing as she looked at Lu Lin.
“Lu Lin? You’ve grown so big! Come here, let me get a better look at you,” she squealed happily.

Lu Shan grabbed Lu Lin by his cheeks and turned him from side to side, inspecting him from head to toe.
The longer she looked at him, the greater the joy she felt.
Her naughty nephew had grown up, becoming a strapping young man.

Lu Lin, formerly known as Lin Lu, was the son of her father’s adopted son, Lin Sheng.
Hence, Lu Shan had always regarded Lin Lu as her nephew, nicknaming him Lu Lin.

“Stage name?” Lu Shan asked, puzzled.

I am an actor now.
I decided to use the nickname you gave me as my stage name,” Lu Lin explained.

Lu Shan nodded in understanding.
She and Shen Yan had not had the time to watch television in the past ten years, having to work in the fields and do odd jobs on most days.
It was to be expected that neither she nor her husband had heard anything about Lu Lin.

“Ah… How time flies… You’re already working…” Lu Shan sighed wistfully.


Disgruntled by the sappy display of affection between Lu Shan and Lu Lin, Liu Xie carped, “If you want time for some family bonding, do it elsewhere.
We should focus on the matter at hand.”

“Principal Li, as I have said, I will settle for nothing less than Shen Xi kneeling while she admits her mistake and putting her head in the toilet bowl.
I will not agree to anything else.
Otherwise, I’ll have no choice but to push for expulsion.
The rest is up to you.”

Lu Shan stared at Liu Xie, her current appearance cutting a sorrowful figure.
Yet, there was steel in her voice when she spoke to Shen Yan.
“Hubby, I’ll let you settle things here.
I’m going to catch up with my dear nephew here,” her words were crisp and brooked no room for argument.

You go on ahead.
I’ll be out shortly,” Shen Yan replied.

Lu Shan shot Liu Xie a haughty look before leaving with Lu Lin.

Lu Lin eyed his uncle with no small amount of displeasure.
He had not seen his beloved aunt in over ten years because of Shen Yan.
Naturally, he did not have a very good impression of this uncle of his.

Still, in the presence of his aunt, Lu Lin could only restrain his displeasure, leaving without causing a fuss.

Shen Xi immediately went up to her mother as she stepped out of the principal’s office.
“Mom, is it alright leaving Dad alone with them?” She asked worriedly.

“Everything will be just fine! You should believe in your father a little more.” Lu Shan was wholly confident in her husband’s capabilities, a sentiment not shared by everyone in the hallway.

Sneering, Jiang Xue added her two pennies worth, “Don’t make a fool out of yourself, lest you be embarrassed.”


Lu Shan regarded Jiang Xue with mixed emotions.
Despite being mocked, she remained silent.
She had raised Jiang Xue for more than ten years and still held some lingering affection for the daughter she had brought up.
Hence, she was unwilling to engage her in an argument.

Lu Shan may have chosen to bear Jiang Xue’s jab at her, but Lu Lin was far less tolerant.

With the full weight of sarcasm behind him, Lu Lin remarked, “You seem rather familiar.
Ah! Aren’t you the one who pretended to help others out of the goodness of your heart, only to turn around and demand a reward for the assistance you rendered? I know a hypocrite when I see one, and you look like the very poster child.
Vain and hypocritical.
That’s what you are, aren’t you?”

Jiang Xue did not expect a star actor like Lu Lin to speak to her in such a manner.
It was so far out of the left field that Jiang Xue did not know how to respond for the longest time.
When she finally did react, it was to storm away in anger and utter humiliation.

Su Ni shuffled awkwardly for a moment before leaving with Jiang Xue.
She did not even remember to ask for her phone from Shen Xi as she left.

Zhao Yuan stared at her idol, star-struck.
Who could have known he possessed such a side to him? Instead of turning her off, it made her like Lu Lin even more.

Stars sparkled in Zhao Yuan’s eyes.
She made a beeline for her class, hoping to snag her pen and paper to get Lu Lin to sign her an autograph.
However, she was stopped by the teacher conducting their lesson.
Since the class was still in session, she would have to wait for it to end before she could get her writing materials, but by then, Lu Lin might have already left.

“You all are in your third year of high school, yet every one of you still seems so carefree.
Are you here to study or have fun? It’s ridiculous!” The teacher lectured indignantly.

Zhao Yuan mourned in regret.
She could have gotten pen and paper anywhere, but she just had to rush back to class to get hers.
Why was she so dumb?

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