The Real Daughter’s Scheme

Jiang Xue saw Xia Chun’s serious expression and was at a loss.
She had just met them, and even if she was really the daughter of this family, if she and Jiang Luo believed Mama Lin, they might not be able to forgive her.

Tears immediately poured down her face, she cried and said, “I really don’t know why this gold bracelet is with me, but these cosmetics are second-hand goods that I bought myself.
Auntie, you might not know this, but my family is poor.
My father is an alcoholic, and my mother is a gambler.
Other than tuition fees, I earn my own living.
I make a living by selling second-hand cosmetics.”

At this point, Jiang Xue cried even harder, her expression was filled with embarrassment and shame as she continued, “My classmates gave me their used cosmetics after seeing that I didn’t have it easy.
They believed in my character, so they gave them to me without me paying up front.
They said that I could pay them back after I sold them.
I only took a little bit of the profit.”

As if she was talking about a sore spot, Jiang Xue suddenly squatted on the ground and burst into tears.

Xia Chun felt her heart ache when she heard this.
She didn’t expect Jiang Xue to live such a life.
She couldn’t imagine her biological daughter living such a life.
Xia Chun immediately squatted down and patted Jiang Xue’s back, comforting her.

Seeing that this wasn’t the reaction she expected Xia Chun to have, she immediately went forward and continued, “Madam, I think she is lying.
I don’t think many of these cosmetics have been used before.
How could those poor students have so many branded cosmetics? Besides, she even stole the young Miss’s gold bracelet.”

Jiang Xue suddenly raised her head and stood up.
Her eyes were red from crying as she said, “I, Shen Xue, swear that I didn’t steal it.”

Just as Jiang Xue stood up, Xia Chun’s sharp eyes saw a gold bracelet hanging on a hole in Jiang Xue’s dress.

Shen Xi and Mama Lin also saw it.

Xia Chun stood up and told Jiang Xue not to move, then took off the gold bracelet on Jiang Xue’s dress.
It seemed that it was a misunderstanding.
Perhaps the other gold bracelet was also caught on Jiang Xue’s dress.
That was probably how Shen Xi’s gold bracelet came to be in Jiang Xue’s room.

At this time, Jiang Xue seemed to have discovered the hole in her dress, tears fell again.
“What happened to my dress? This is the only beautiful dress I have.
I usually never wear it.
It was only because I came to meet important people today that I put it on.” Jiang Xue looked as if she had lost the most precious thing in the world.

When Xia Chun heard Jiang Xue’s words, her heart ached.
The important people that Jiang Xue was talking about were herself and her husband! When she thought of how much this child valued herself and her husband, her heart ached even more for Jiang Xue.

Xia Chun hugged Jiang Xue in her arms, she said softly, “Don’t cry anymore.
I trust you.
It seems that this bracelet was accidentally caught on your dress.
It wasn’t you who took it.
I understand.
It’s been hard on you.”

Mama Lin wanted to say something, but she was glared at by Xia Chun.
Perhaps it was because she knew that Jiang Xue had been living a miserable life for the past eighteen years, Xia Chun was in an extremely bad mood.

Jiang Xue just shook her head and said, “I’m okay.
I don’t care about what others think of me.
As long as you believe me, I’m very happy.”

When Xia Chun heard this, she was extremely touched.
She felt sorry for Jiang Xue for enduring such a tough life.
She felt sorry for Jiang Xue who was framed.
She felt sorry for Jiang Xue who had to expose her miserable life in front of everyone so that she could prove her innocence.

Xia Chun looked at Mama Lin with an unfriendly gaze.
“Mama Lin, start cleaning up Jiang Xue’s items.
Pick them up one by one and put them back.”

Mama Lin was stunned when she heard this.
This was the first time that Xia Chun had been so harsh to her.
She glanced at Jiang Xue and felt hatred in her heart.
However, in the end, she still squatted down and picked them up one by one.

After she was done, Mama Lin was berated by Xia Chun and sent out.

Xia Chun looked at Shen Xi and suppressed the displeasure in her heart.
She glanced at Shen Xi and said, “You should go out too.
Take the bracelet too! It’s not something valuable, but it caused such a big fuss.”

Then, she didn’t even look at Shen Xi.
She grabbed Jiang Xue’s hand and continued to comfort her.

Shen Xi looked at the bracelet in her hand as she turned around and left.
She didn’t care about Xia Chun’s attitude at all.
She had experienced worse in her previous life.

But now, it seemed that Jiang Xue already had quite a hold on Xia Chun.

Jiang Xue looked at Shen Xi’s back as she walked out of the door, and she felt proud.

Shen Xi failed in her scheme!

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