Zhao Yuan rubbed her head sheepishly.
She had not wanted to intrude, but she thought Shen Xi’s parents needed to know what was happening.
Zhao Yuan did not think Shen Xi’s parents would punish her for involving them in something this important.

Hence, as she was thinking of some way to help Shen Xi, Zhao Yuan went to their form teacher and asked if she could call Shen Xi’s parents.
The rest was history.


Shen Xi’s parents arrived not long after she had called them.

While Lu Shan scolded Shen Xi through her tears, Jiang Xue stood in a corner with her eyes averted, cursing in silent disgust.
Lu Shan had not changed, and the waterworks were as abundant as ever.
The mere blubbering sight of her was an eyesore to Jiang Xue.

Shen Xi comforted her mother, doing her best to quell her tears.
It was not good to be too emotional in public, or others would take advantage of that moment of weakness for their gain.

Liu Xie eyed Shen Xi’s parents with disdain.
Shen Yan and his wife had their trousers rolled up to their knees, mud clinging to their feet.
They looked like they had rushed over from a farm.
“It’s only normal for a girl of low birth to be bullied.
It is inevitable.
If you don’t want your child to be bullied, you must have power,” he said.

Liu Xie puffed up his chest as he spoke, looking like a proud peacock.

“Principal Li, why don’t we have the children step out for a bit while we adults handle this matter?” Shen Yan proposed, his tone cool yet controlled.

Li Hai nodded.
Indeed, it was appropriate for such a large group to remain in the principal’s office.

Shen Xi, Zhao Yuan and Guan Lei exited the principal’s office with Jiang Xue and Su Ni soon after.
The rest of the students who had stepped forward to testify returned to their respective classes.

While they waited outside, Guan received a test message from Xue Li, saying that Zheng Huai was heading to the school in search of him.

Guan Lei frowned.
Why was Zheng Huai so hard to shake off? He was worse than a stubborn plaster! If Shen Xi met Zheng Huai, she would definitely ask about his condition.


Although he had told Shen Xi about his nightmares and insomnia, he worried that Shen Xi would listen to Zheng Huai and treat him as if he were mentally ill.
It was best if he took his leave before Zheng Huai appeared.

From how Shen Xi’s father handled the situation, he would not likely allow her to suffer; even if that was not enough, he could always throw his support behind Shen Xi.
Guan Lei doubted the Liu family would cause problems for Shen Xi if he did.

“Shen Xi, I still have something I need to do.
Please excuse me.
Update me as soon as there’s progress,” Guan Lei said.

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