158 A Video Scolding

Liu Xie was so angry that he shouted.
“Brat! Who do you think you are? How dare you act so arrogantly before me? What? Do you think you’re the hero of this story? Do you think I have no way of forcing the school to expel you?” He challenged.

Li Hai waved his hands frantically, trying his best to get Liu Xie to stop talking.
Unfortunately, Liu Xie ignored him, leaving Principal Li on the spot.
Li Hai could not help but swear silently in the quiet confines of his heart.
Why couldn’t Liu Xie keep his big mouth shut? That was Young Master Guan he was speaking to!

“Oh? I would like to see you try,” Guan Lei quipped, unimpressed.

“You!” Liu Xie’s face alternated between shades of red and purple, a vein throbbing at his temple as he put up with Guan Lei’s sheer disrespect.
With one hand raised, he swung at Guan Lei, attempting to slap him.

“Be careful!” Shen Xi exclaimed with widened eyes.

Guan Lei’s eyes narrowed, and his gaze sharpened.
He caught Liu Xie’s hand as it descended and twisted it, causing the older man to squeal like a pig.

Liu Xie collapsed on the sofa as soon as Guan Lei released his hand.
“You dog… Woo…”

Li Hai quickly covered Liu Xie’s mouth, preventing him from saying anything else.
He did not want Liu Xie to worsen the situation.

“Principal Li, we have evidence to prove Shen Xi was not the one who started the fight,” Lu Lin interrupted.
All eyes turned to Lu Lin and Su Ni, who were at the door.

Lu Lin was a ray of hope to Zhao Yuan.
“Brother Lu, you’ve come just in time,” she said, unable to conceal her anxiety.

Zhao Yuan’s eyes were filled with tears.
When she had rushed out earlier, she bumped into Guan Lei, who had been looking for Shen Xi.
Guan Lei promised that Shen Xi would be alright, and they returned to the principal’s office together.
Who would have known Guan Lei would be so fiercely protective of Shen Xi that he would put himself in harm’s way?

If Lu Lin had evidence to show that Liu Cheng was the instigator of the fight and not Shen Xi, it would be even better.
At least then, Guan Lei would not need to confront the head of the Liu family directly.


Guan Lei eyed Lu Lin gloomily.
He was supposed to be the hero to save Shen Xi.
Why did Lu Lin have to butt in on his moment of glory? His unhappiness peaked when he saw Shen Xi and Lu Lin smiling at each other.
Guan Lei felt like he had swallowed a vat of vinegar, watching the duo share sweet smiles.

After he shared a look with Shen Xi, Lu Lin urged Su Ni to step forward.
“Su Ni, you should share what you know.”

With her head bowed, Su Ni said, “After Liu Cheng fought with Shen Xi, we had a chat via video call.
You can listen to it if you would like.”

Even as she spoke, Su Ni pressed the play button on her phone.
Liu Cheng’s voice instantly sounded out in the principal’s office.

“… Haha, I’m dying of laughter.
I don’t think I said anything wrong.
Her family is so poor that she and her mother had to prostitute themselves to earn that measly sum of 800,000 yuan in tuition fees.
I even called her father a pimp! You should have seen the look on Shen Xi’s face when I badmouthed her parents.

“… Shen Xi, that cur, can’t be compared with us.
Who knows? Maybe you’ll catch some sexually transmittable disease if you stay too close to her…”

Guan Lei’s expression darkened upon hearing the recording.
He snatched the phone from Su Ni’s hands and turned it off before placing the phone in Shen Xi’s hands.
“I’ll hire a lawyer on your behalf.
We’ll sue Liu Cheng for defamation and secure damages for the harm she has done to your reputation.
Don’t worry.
Once she’s behind bars, Liu Cheng won’t be able to hurt you again.”

Su Ni stared at her phone that had been snatched but decided against asking for its return.
Guan Lei was the resident tyrant who could even beat Xiang Cheng black and blue without facing any repercussions.
It was better that she refrained from drawing his ire by demanding her phone be returned to her.

Meekly, Su Ni surveyed the people around her.
When she met Jiang Xue’s venomous gaze, she immediately looked away.
Although she had merely brought the truth to light, her actions were tantamount to betrayal.

Liu Cheng’s words had infuriated not only Guan Lei but also Lu Lin, who listened but had yet to give his input on the matter.
His dear sister, in all but name, had been slandered and abused so thoroughly that even his aunt and uncle’s names were dragged through the mud.
This would not stand.


“Liu Xie, the Liu family’s manners are astounding! You seem to have raised your daughter on nothing but swears and vulgar words.
It must be you who taught her such, I presume?” Lu Lin snarked, his barbed words causing Liu Xie to flush in embarrassment.


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