155 Liu Family Members

The next morning as soon as class was over, Guan Lei handed Shen Xi the candy that Chef Wang had sent over.
“Take this.
Let’s have lunch together later.”

The surrounding students cast gossipy glances at them.

Being teenagers, Guan Lei’s actions easily mislead people to think that there was something fishy going on between them.
Jiang Xue immediately took a photo of their interaction and sent it to Liu Cheng.

Liu Cheng was furious after looking at the sent photo.
How dare Shen Xi be lovey lovey with Guan Lei after humiliating her? She had no other option but to take a leave of absence and hide at home.
She was afraid that she would be mocked when she came back to class.
Thus, Liu Cheng submerged her head into the toilet bowl to make her entire body reek of the smell of excrement.

Unlike the furious Liu Cheng, Shen Xi and Guan Lei got along very well.

“My family specially prepared this lunch for you.
It’s a very balanced meal and is very yummy.
Try It.” Guan Lei opened the lunch box and pushed it in front of Shen Xi.

Shen Xi thought of the proverb “The mouth that eats the food of others is softened; the hand that takes the possessions of others is shortened.” Therefore, Shen Xi wanted to understand Guan Lei’s intention.
She asked, “Why are you treating me so well?”

Guan Lei was stunned by Shen Xi’s question.
He was only doing so because Shen Xi’s family was not well-to-do.
He was worried that she would suffer from malnutrition.

However, Guan Lei also knew that this was not something he could tell Shen Xi as it would hurt her self-esteem.

Guan Lei pursed his lips and replied after a while, “This is because I have a favor to ask you.”

Shen Xi became serious and asked curiously, “What is it?”

Guan Lei put down his chopsticks and said seriously, “I have trouble sleeping as I have frequent nightmares.
I would be awaken by nightmares after just four hours of sleep.
However, I slept very well at the library that day so I thought that if you sleep with me, maybe…”

Before Guan Lei could finish his words, Shen Xi interrupted him loudly.
“What did you say? Sleep with you?”

Shen Xi’s loud voice attracted a lot of sidelong glances from the surrounding students.
Guan Lei hurriedly pulled Shen Xi to sit down.
“Don’t misunderstand me,” said Guan Lei softly.
“When I said to sleep with me, I mean for you to just hold my hand and stay by my side.
Just like when we were at the library, not anything else.”

When he said the words ‘sleep with me’, Guan Lei’s face became flushed immediately.
He originally just wanted Shen Xi to accompany him, but after being called out by Shen Xi, his thoughts became a little skewed.

As Guan Lei involuntarily thought about Shen Xi and him lying in the same bed, doing certain things, he became restless and unsettled.
His ears started to burn out.

After hearing Guan Lei’s explanation, Shen Xi realised that she seemed to have gone overboard.
However, it was not her fault.
It was Guan Lei’s fault for not being clear.

Guan Lei’s Adam’s apple bobbed.
He felt uneasy and asked softly, ” Do you agree?”

Shen Xi looked at the lunch box and Guan Lei’s dark eye circles.
She remembered how Guan Lei had taken care of and helped her.
In the end, she conceded.
“Alright, but how can I help you? If you don’t return to the dormitory tonight, you’ll be scolded by the dormitory management teacher.” said Shen Xi.

When Guan Lei heard Shen Xi’s agreement, he immediately raised his head and said confidently, “As long as you agree, it will be alright.
As for the rest, just leave it to me.”

When the afternoon classes started, Shen Xi was called to the principal’s office.
Shen Xi was puzzled.
Did she do something so bad that it alerted the principal?

As Shen Xi entered the principal’s office, she saw a middle-aged man sat on the sofa.
When the middle-aged man saw Shen Xi, his expression turned ugly.

Shen Xi recognized him.
He was Liu Cheng’s father, Liu Xie.
The Jiang family and the Liu family had frequent interactions.
Therefore, when she was still living with the Jiang family, she often met Liu Cheng’s family.
Naturally, she knew Liu Xie.

“Principal, Shen Xi must give us an explanation for this matter.
Her behavior was extremely despicable.
How dare she force my daughter’s head into the toilet bowl? This humiliated my daughter and my family.” said Liu Xie.

The principal sighed and looked at Shen Xi who came in.
“How do you want to deal with this matter?”

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