154 Memories He Shouldn’t Have

Xue Li, who stood to the side, shook her head, not knowing what to think.
“The Young Master is involved in many industries, but that does not include the arts.”

Guan Yan was deep in thought.
“Maybe your grandfather might know something.
Your grandfather has always dabbled in the arts and has been developing his businesses in the field quite quickly these few years.”

“If what you remember is true, there might be something to it.
Didn’t you say the ‘Three Stones Art Museum’ possessed the character ‘Lei’? Hold on.
Let me call your grandfather.”

Guan Yan fiddled with his phone as he spoke, typing his father’s number.

“Dad, do you own the ‘Three Stones Art Museum’?” Guan Yan asked, going straight to the point.

Guan Shan frowned.
“What ‘Three Stones Art Museum’? The name sounds dated.
How could I own something so out of fashion?”

Guan Shan’s answer made it certain that the Guan Group did not own an art gallery called the ‘Three Stones Art Museum’.
Guan Yan hung up, a little ticked off by his father’s sarcastic response.

“Doctor Zheng, is your instrument reliable? Perhaps there is something wrong with the test results.
It isn’t unreasonable to think Lei’er’s dream was just that, a dream, is it? Is there no other way to dispel Lei’er’s nightmares? Or, would it be alright if you tested him again?” Guan Lei rattled off his thoughts and suggestions.

“The instrument is functioning as it should, so the results should be accurate… Still, it is strange.
The data collected indicates that Guan Lei’s nightmare is based on a memory, yet there isn’t any reflection of it in reality… It is quite the anomaly,” Zheng Huai muttered.

There was something they were all missing, some piece of the puzzle that they had not considered… Zheng Huai turned to Guan Lei, the picture of enthusiasm, but found himself being ignored by the latter.

Xue Li scratched her head, not understanding what was going on.
What did Doctor Zheng mean when he said the memory did not reflect reality?

Guan Lei grew impatient as he listened to Zheng Huai’s incoherent rambling.
Hah! People might say he was a medical genius, but he was far from being as helpful as Shen Xi.

Having had enough of the farce, Guan Lei got up, his expression a carefully crafted mask of neutrality.
“In that case, there’s no need to trouble Doctor Zheng.
I’ll return to school for now.”

Zheng Huai was on his feet instantly; a deep frown etched on his handsome young face.
As if fearing his latest test subject would flee before he could obtain more data, he whined, “Young Master Guan, don’t go.
Let us not be hasty.
Let us try again.
If I can’t help you, I can confidently say no one else in the world can.”

Guan Lei’s mind jumped to the six hours of peaceful sleep he had shared with Shen Xi in the library.
He snorted, a touch colder than was polite, “That may not be true.
In any case, there’s no need to trouble Doctor Zheng any further.
Thank you for your time, but I must be on my way.”

Zheng Huai tried urging him to stay, “Don’t go! Let’s discuss this over tea.
I’ve never encountered symptoms quite like yours before.
Perhaps if you’ll allow me to study it in greater detail, I might be better able to help you – you might even have the condition named after you!”

Guan Yan was rendered speechless by Zheng Huai’s passionate outburst.
Was his son some lab rat for Zheng Huai?

Xue Li quickly stopped Zheng Huai, who seemed unafraid of death as he chased Guan Lei, a mad glint in his eye.
She was not afraid Guan Lei would get hurt; instead, she worried that the genius doctor would make headlines on the evening news, saying he had died young because the heavens were jealous of his talent.

With Guan Lei gone, Zheng Huai could only place his hopes on Guan Yan.
“Mr Guan, your child’s condition is serious! I may not be confident in curing him, but please have faith in me.
If you allow me to conduct some research with your son, I’m sure the findings will be more than satisfactory.”

Zheng Huai’s eyes sparkled as he urged Guan Yan.
He was like a dog that had seen its favourite toy and wanted nothing more than to play with it.

Guan Yan felt the corners of his mouth twitch.
He knew his son’s condition was a cause for concern, but he did not expect Zheng Huai’s passion for medicine to be far worse.
It seemed the rumours were true.
Zheng Huai was a junky for all things related to medicine.

There had to be a screw loose somewhere if Zheng Huai thought asking a father for permission to experiment on his son would ever pass.

Guan Yan plastered a smile and politely agreed with the young man, “Doctor Zheng is right.
I’ll do my best to persuade him.”

Like a piece of taffy, Zheng Huai clung to Guan Yan’s promise, reiterating the importance of Guan Yan’s intervention, “You must persuade him well! He must think of his condition and treat it seriously.
Only then will he recover.”


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