153 Three Stones Art Museum

He quickly arrived at an exhibition room and stood at the door.
He first saw a girl in a short-sleeved dress, or at least what looked like a girl judging from the long black hair cascading down her back.
Guan Lei could not discern much else since she faced away from him.

The skinny girl suddenly turned around.
Guan Lei tried to see her face, but a strange, hazy fog occluded her features.

Several indistinct blurs raced around the girl, trapped in a loop.
Guan Lei felt his concentration snap as the girl’s shrill voice cut through the intervening space, the distance separating him from the exhibition hall.
“Go! Run!” She shouted, her words overcome with terror.

Guan Lei did not have any time to act.
An explosion rocked the building, causing his ears to ring.
A wave of fire washed over him, a hellish deluge that shook him to the core.
The pain was all he felt as he shot up, his eyes flaring open.


Xue Li heard Guan Lei’s scream and rushed into the room with Guan Yan.

“Young Master, are you alright?” In an instant, Xue Li was by Guan Lei’s side, worry warring with logic, seeking the middle ground best for him and not finding purchase.

Guan Lei’s chest rose and fell into staccato-like gasps.
The scene replayed itself repeatedly, refusing to surrender him from its grasp.
Xue Li grabbed a handkerchief and carefully wiped the sweat on Guan Lei’s forehead.

“Zheng Huai, how dare you begin without my permission!” Guan Lei hissed, his senses rapidly returning.

Zheng Huai feigned his guilt.
“It was an emergency.
I was so worried for your health that I began treating your insomnia before you gave me the green light.
My apologies.
I hope you understand where I’m coming from.”

Seeing Guan Lei’s fierce expression, Zheng Huai knew he had made a mistake.
With an air of patience, he said, “Don’t worry, Young Master Guan.
The instrument I used helped you fall into a dream state sooner than usual; it was not dangerous.
Moreover, I managed to gain some very valuable data.”

Zheng Huai pointed at the readings collected by the instrument and projected on his computer.
“The data suggests that the dream haunting you is a memory.
I can’t say what kind of memory it is, just that it left a profound imprint on your psyche, resulting in your insomnia as of late.
You need not be concerned by a breach of privacy.”

“Are you saying that the dream I just had is something I experienced in the past?” Guan Lei was shocked and demanded anxiously.

Guan Lei’s inquiry fed Zheng Huai’s ego as a doctor, and he quickly explained, “I believe so.
That is what it seems to be indicating.”

Zheng Huai’s answer annoyed Guan Lei, and he turned to look at Xue Li.
“Have I ever asked you to open an art museum called ‘Three Stones’? Did I ask you to transfer Manager Zhou to the establishment as its head?”

Guan Lei knew it was a strange question.
He, more than anyone else, ought to know the ins and outs of his holdings.

However, now they were in a situation where he could not discern the truth, so he had no choice but to verify it through someone else.

Xue Li was stunned by Guan Lei’s question.
The Young Master had always had a quick recall.
How could he not remember whether he opened an art museum? Had Zheng Huai’s equipment damaged the Young Master’s brain?

The thought was an insidious worm that refused to relinquish its hold.
Xue Li glanced at Zheng Huai suspiciously, considering how likely it was for the young doctor to harm Guan Lei.

… She was probably overthinking things.
Zheng Huai sported an excellent reputation and outstanding track record.
He was known as a medical nut who refused his rightful inheritance to pursue the path of medicine.
What reason could he have to hurt the Young Master?

Her doubts assuaged, Xue Li answered Guan Lei’s question.
“Young Master, don’t you hate art? Why would you have me open an art museum? Manager Zhou is still working in a hotel in Hai City.
He even sent you a report via video yesterday.
Have you forgotten?”

Zheng Huai offered his expert opinion, “Young Master Guan, why don’t you describe the dreamscape you remember? Failing that, you could ask me anything that comes to mind, and perhaps I might be able to offer some insight.”

Guan Lei eyes Zheng Huai distrustfully with his eyes narrowed.
Shen Xi had suggested he see a doctor… He sighed, recounting his dream and sharing his doubts.

Zheng Huai could not reach a diagnosis from the limited information he had.
“Young Master Guan, do you know nothing of this ‘Three Stones Art Museum? Is the Guan family’s business so widespread that you can’t think of anything that would fit your description of the dream?”

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