152 The Instrument’s Readings

The corners of Zheng Huai’s mouth curled up.
With a mischievous glint in his eye, he looked like a child about to play a prank.

He raised the instrument in his hand and launched a sneak on Guan Lei.
Guan Lei was not on guard at home and slipped toward the waiting chair.

Xue Li caught hold of Guan Lei and barked, “What are you doing?”

Zheng Huai touched his nose, a little embarrassed.
“Don’t worry; he will be fine.
I’m just trying to settle Young Master Guan in the chair, so I can do a proper check-up.
Come on, let go of him, please.”

He motioned for Xue Li to let go, but she refused, eyeing him warily.

Zheng Huai coughed, feeling awkward.
Xue Li certainly shared Guan Lei’s character, as expected of one of his subordinates.

Seeing Xue Li adamantly holding onto her Young Master, Zheng Huai decided to take a step back.
“Alright, why don’t you have him sit in the chair?”

Xue Li remained motionless.
Eventually, Guan Yan stepped in, instructing, “Xue Li, let Lei’er sit on the chair.
His problem will persist if you don’t let Doctor Zheng do his work.”

Guan Yan’s words were law, and Xue Li reluctantly released her hold on Guan Lei, guiding him slowly to the chair and the instrument hovering above it.

Xue Li had watched as insomnia tormented her Young Master, powerless to stem his misery.
Perhaps it was a gamble, but she hoped Doctor Zheng could help Guan Lei.

Once Guan Lei was seated, Xue Li stood guard outside, waiting for the results with Guan Yan.
Meanwhile, Zheng Huai operated his instruments, his eyes sparkling in anticipation.

The device whizzed to life, different coloured lines appearing on the computer screen beside him.
Everything was stable, which proved that Guan Lei was still in dreamless sleep.

Half an hour later, Guan Lei’s expression changed; his former calm morphed into a rictus of pain.
The lines of data on Zheng Huai’s computer began fluctuating dramatically, the most eye-catching line being the one representing his memory.

Zheng Huai frowned, a thoughtful look on his face.
From the readings he observed, Guan Lei was likely reliving a memory.
It seemed Guan Lei’s nightmares were closely tied to a memory, some event that had left an indelible scar in his heart.

Lines of data converged, and soon it overlapped with Guan Lei’s dream self.

It was a snowy day.

He was barely out of the car.
A cold wind whistled past, and a thin dusting of snow coated everything in sight.

The words ‘Three Stones Art Museum’ hung at the entrance of the building.
Three Stones Art Museum? Was it referring to him? It had the character ‘Lei’ in its name.

Xue Li tightened her collar, saying, “Rongcheng is located in the south.
It’s snowing, something almost unheard of.
It seems the temperature this year is a little lower than usual.”

Xue Li was cut off by the reception staff that had come to greet him.
It was one of Guan Lei’s most capable subordinates, Manager Zhou.

“Wait at the entrance,” Guan Lei instructed Xue Li, “When Director Li arrives, please show him to my office.”

Xue Li nodded and stood at the entrance as charged while Guan Lei and Manager Zhou entered the ‘Three Stones Art Museum’ together.

“Young Master, we’re hosting a solo exhibition today, and many people have come to see the works on display.
You’re just in time to see the first solo exhibition our Three Stones Art Museum has hosted.” Manager Zhou informed Guan Lei respectfully.

Guan Lei listened, a sense of bewilderment taking hold.
Three Stones Art Museum? Since when did he own a museum? Guan Lei tried to raise the question but found himself unable to form the words.
Instead, he blurted out, “Take me to see it!”

Guan Lei did not know what was wrong with him and could only move as his body allowed.

All sorts of paintings adorned the walls and perched on frames, each rendered in distinct styles.
They had not walked for long when a sudden rush of people ran past them in panic.

Manager Zhou stiffened and urged, “Young Master, please hold on.
Judging from their clothes, they look like people from the art exhibition.
I’ll go and see what the problem is.
Something must have happened…”

Guan Lei nodded, waiting patiently for Manager Zhou to return.
A thrum of voice rose, and terror-filled mutters filled the air.
“A bomb… there’s a bomb…!”

Guan Lei blanched.
A bomb in the museum? How had it gone undetected for so long? With resolute steps, Guan Lei marched into the throngs of people scrambling for safety.

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