151 Doctor Zheng

After sending Shen Xi back to the dormitory, Guan Lei returned to his villa in Rongcheng.
He thought he would meet the so-called Doctor Zheng the following morning.
He did not expect to see his father and Doctor Zheng drinking tea in the living room when he arrived home.

Noting his son’s return, Guan Yan quickly got up and had Guan Lei greet the esteemed psychiatrist.
“This is Doctor Zheng, whom I’ve told you about.”

Guan Lei extended his hand, greeting, “I’ve long heard of your name.
It’s an honour to receive treatment from you, Doctor Zheng.”

Guan Lei was not trying to butter up the good doctor; his father had already informed him of Zheng Huai’s background and accomplishments.
He was merely showing the respect the man deserved.

By 19, Zheng Huai was touted as a medical genius.
His formidable reputation and stunning looks caused quite a sensation just a few years ago.
Zheng Huai’s popularity had skyrocketed since then, comparable to any big-name celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Zheng Huai had not appeared in the public eye for some time.
He was rumoured to have gone abroad to further his research at a foreign university.
Although he was only 25 this year, he had already become the most prominent professor at that university.

All the information he knew was not something he attained through public channels; instead, he learned much through the social circles they shared.
Even if Guan Lei did not want to know anything about Zheng Huai, he could not.
That was because Zheng Huai was the grandson of Shen Hui, the head of Shen Corporation, one of three of the most influential financial groups around.

As the successor of Shen Corporation was yet unknown, many speculated that Zheng Huai would eventually take the reigns of the financial giant.
Unfortunately, it did not seem likely since Zheng Huai was wholeheartedly devoted to his pursuit of medicine.

Zheng Huai accepted Guan Lei’s proffered hand, shaking it as he said, “You’re much too kind.
I am honoured to help you in whatever way I can, Young Master Guan.”

While he spoke, Zheng Huai did his best to parse out the sort of relationship Guan Lei shared with Shen Xi.

The Guan Lei of Hai City was notorious for being violent and difficult to get along with.
Despite his age, he was as ruthless as any of those old foxes when it came to business.
It was something of an open secret in their social circles.

Few knew what Guan Lei looked like, and most who claimed they did, dropped descriptions straight out of a fairytale, pieced together by idle gossip.

Not having much to work with, Zheng Huai could only hazard a guess as to the nature of Guan Lei and Shen Xi’s relationship.
Guan Lei did not seem like someone who would put stock into the flimsy relationship that was an artificial construct between classmates.
When viewed in light of his nature, which was no secret, Guan Lei would not have allowed just anyone to snatch his phone away without doing anything in retaliation.

Were Guan Lei and Shen Xi in a relationship? Perhaps something more intimate, something a little more than just friends… How could it be? Shen Xi was only 18, and they had just found her.
How could they let Guan Lei, this pig, steal her?

What if… what if Guan Lei bullied his poor cousin?! Everyone knew Guan Lei was not an easy person to get along with.

The thought caused him to tighten his grip on Guan Lei’s hand without knowing.
Guan Lei’s cold eyes darted to their hands.
Calmly, he asked, “Is something wrong? Do you intend to take my pulse while shaking my hand, Doctor Zheng? I’m not sure you’d get anything useful by gripping me so tightly.”

Guan Lei’s words shook Zheng Huai from his stupor and released his charge’s hand.
He tried to cover up his mistake with a cough, saying, “I didn’t expect Young Master Guan to be so adept at telling jokes!”

Guan Lei smiled, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.
Zheng Huai may not have held malice towards him, but he was far from being the amicable young man he seemed.
The look the young doctor shot him was as if he had had his most prized possession stolen from him.

Guan Lei wracked his brain, trying to remember if he had done anything to warrant Zheng Huai’s ire, but drew a blank.
He and Zheng Huai had never really interacted much, even though being tangentially aware of each other through their shared social circles.

With Guan Lei’s return, Guan Yan excused himself to allow the doctor and patient some privacy.

Guan Lei followed Zheng Huai to an adjoining room full of medical equipment.
Guan Lei did not expect Zheng Huai to have all his instruments on standby.

Before Guan Lei could ask, Zheng Huai introduced his testing equipment.
“Young Master Guan, don’t look at those.
They’re all big and heavy.
This, however, is the world’s best memory detector.
It is not commercially used yet; it’s been undergoing rigorous clinical testing.
You are its first official patient.”

Guan Lei frowned.
Didn’t that mean Zheng Huai was using him as a glorified guinea pig? What kind of memory detector was it? Would it reveal all his memories?

Still, Guan Lei was not worried.
“I’ve been experiencing insomnia because of bad dreams.
How does it relate to a machine meant to probe my memories?”

Zheng Huai, who was setting up the machine, paused.
It seemed Young Master Guan was more alert than he had thought.
However, now that Guan Lei was in his territory, reigning in the disagreeable young man would not be an issue.


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